Catering equipment for Indian takeaways

Indian food has a long history in the UK - over 200 years since the first restaurant opened - and in various polls certain curry dishes consistently top the list of national favourites. There is a huge array of cooking styles, ingredients and methods in Indian cooking; even after two centuries of naturalisation and standardisation to a separately identifiable "British Indian" cuisine, the diversity of of Indian food cooking techniques from very different regions, and the sheer scale of the range of foods expected by customers, makes it a challenge to equip a kitchen in an Indian takeaway.

The majority of Indian takeaway restaurants experience high volume trading in the evening, and need to be able to prepare, cook and store as many ingredients and dish components as possible in advance of service, without compromising on quality. Automated preparation appliances such as general food processors, blenders, food graters, potato chippers or vegetable prep machines will make a huge difference the the preparation of raw ingredients, as will ensuring you have enough boiling top and hob capacity for cooking sauces and reducing condiments in advance of service.

Preparing a lot in advance means you'll need plentiful storage too, whether that is through large cold storage units like double doored fridges and freezerschest freezers, cold rooms and freezer rooms or hot holding solutions. Hot holding, provided by wet or dry heat bain maries and hot cupboards, is only really appropriate when food will be served quite soon after preparation, but it certainly makes perfect sense for holding common ingredients and sauces over the course of a service session. If you deliver food, then take a look at hot holding equipment suitable for transport.

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For already prepared, cold stored items, you will need combination microwaves, ordinary microwaves and convection ovens to quickly return them to temperature without affecting quality. For those elements of your menu that can only be prepared to order, consider our range of fast heating grills, griddles and fryers. Automatic rice cookers are incredibly useful for indian takeaways because they automatically switch to hot holding once the rice has been cooked to perfection.

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For service, we can provide a full range of takeaway containers, cutlery and sauce dishes.

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Finally, don't forget the washing up - Catering Appliance Superstore stocks an excellent range of dishwashers, including high capacity passthrough systems that can fit large pots and pans used in bulk preparation.

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