Commercial Chest Freezers

Commercial chest freezers are great storage fridge freezers for anyone in the catering industry. They are a practical and convenient food storage solution.


Whether you own a small catering company or a large restaurant, having a commercial chest freezer will prove to be a very convenient tool due to the large capacity and significant amount of food they can store.

They are instrumental to any food service that has a necessity to handle large amounts of food storage on a regular basis and will bring lots of benefits to the operation of your business.

Not only is the chest freezers storage capacity a must in any serious business in the food industry but they are also profitable in any restaurant as they help create less food spoilage with the ability to freeze and store food – you can freeze leftover food or freeze food to make it last longer preventing wasting stock and money, it also allows you to do prep work for cooking on busy days as you are able to freeze it for later speeding up cooking processes.

It will also save your business money with the ability to purchase food in cheaper large bulk orders and store in the freezer for later use, this also ensures you are never low on stock during busy periods!

These reliable convenient freezers are also energy efficient; the design helps to ensure that less energy is needed to keep foods at the best possible temperature. As it opens from the top it helps to ensure that the freezer holds the cold air, and less energy means lower bills.

They are efficient as they increase workspace in the kitchen area, as they can store a deceptive amount of food and don’t take up a lot of room and if you are limited for space in the immediate food preparation area, you can easily store your commercial chest freezer in outbuildings too.

Every restaurant, bar, cafe and hotel should think about buying one for both practical and financial reasons. We have a superb range of commercial chest freezers available from leading brands and they come in a range of styles ready to benefit your food service business.

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By Philip Wearmouth