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Bains Maries

The bains marie is designed to hold sauces, gravy and pre-cooked foods for up to two hours at serving temperature. A necessity in the cooking and catering industry it gradually heats food and keeps it at a desired fixed temperature.

bains maries

Traditionally bains maries work when water creates a barrier between the food and a direct heat source, this method of cooking surrounds the food with gentle heat helping the food to cook evenly and slowly, whilst the insulating action of the water allows the food to not boil over.

Contemporary designs have moved on from the traditional liquid filled bains maries to the electric ‘dry heat’ bains maries (heated by element below both pots) and the ‘wet heat’ bains maries (using hot water, vapor, or steam, in the heating process). They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accompany most catering needs and are suitable for many food service applications, providing a gentle heat they are perfect for delicate products and dishes.

Bains maries are the perfect utensil for any commercial kitchen, front of house and any other form of external catering environment. They have many benefits as they consume less energy, heat quickly, operate at adjustable temperature controls and require little cleaning. They come in compact durable stainless steel constructions ideal for holding any sauces and pre-cooked foods.

We stock a wide variety of bains maries to suit every catering establishment, ranging from wet to dry heats in round pots, gastronorm pots or stainless steel pots, so why not check out our selection.

Apollo APM20 Planetary Mixer

The Apollo APM20 Planetary Mixer is a professional machine of extreme compactness and solidity designed to give outstanding performance. No other kitchen utensil can do so many things when it comes to high volume preparation.

Apollo Mixer

These heavy-duty reliable mixers are an absolute necessity for bakeries, restaurants, canteens and schools. They can perform tasks such as mixing dough and batter, slicing and shredding at high volumes and high speeds. Offering a trouble free operation during busy work conditions, their combined functionality and efficiency makes them an essential piece of equipment within any establishment. With a durable all metal construction and planetary action it is the answer for all your mixing needs.

It has a user-friendly design to ensure efficiency, safety and durability.
The smooth running of the mixer allows quick and efficient preparation of your dough. The blades rotate to ensure even mixing and it has a great mixing range with different speeds to maintain the desired effect. The broad range of attachments it comes with such as whisk, dough hook, beater bar attachments and bowl is what makes this such a versatile piece of equipment. This latest model also has a built in microswitch safety feature for added safety. The mixer itself can be easily wiped down and the stainless steel bowl is removable for easy cleaning.

This top quality 10ltr planetary mixer cannot be beaten for value. It is reliable, fast, and safe and the efficiency to mix and beat most foods at a high speed is remarkable. It can prepare anything in a commercial kitchen from pastry dough to creams and mousse, in a simple and fuss free way.

Not only that but properly used and maintained they can last for years making them a cost effective solution to your kitchen.

Commercial Fryers and Chip Scuttles

Fryers and chip scuttles come hand in hand and are probably the most extensively used equipment in commercial kitchens, offering amazing value and outstanding results.

chip fryers and scuttles

Whilst the fryer is designed to produce a variety of deep fried fast foods and chips, the chip scuttle is then designed to keep the products crisp and fresh at an even food temperature between servings.

Fryers are easy to use offering highly efficient performance with a host of safety and easy-care features, making them suitable for hotels, restaurants, schools, cafés, fast food outlets, takeaways and fish and chip shops. We stock a variety of gas and electric models, from counter top versions to free standing units to suit whatever your need. All options feature high productivity and are provided with mechanical controls. These Thermostatically controlled fryers ensure consistent perfect results every time. All models have deep pans with a large area for collecting cooking residue and come in a wide range of dimensions so can suit small to large capacity loads. They come in slim line heavy duty builds so they are robust as well as ideal where space is limited in busy kitchens.

Chip scuttles are the perfect accompaniment to any fryer, keeping your fried products at an even food temperature, they are great value storage between servings. All models are provided with an under-tray heating element and adjustable temperature control so temperature can be regulated.

We offer a wide range of top quality commercial fryers and chip scuttles, all of which are hard wearing, reliable & easy to clean.

Refrigerated Prep Counters

Short of workspace in your kitchen? Tired of lack of storage? In need of an easy access refrigeration system? Then refrigerated prep counters are for you.


Refrigerated prep counters are highly flexible compact units that create additional refrigerated work surfaces where space is at premium and accessible refrigerated storage is a necessity in the commercial kitchen. They offer exceptional efficiency and are an essential application to any kitchen environment, delivering valuable storage with effective preparation space for all. Offering a significant amount of benefits for catering businesses they give extra workspace, easy reach storage, while the serve over fridge makes serving and operation as easy as possible.

They include user friendly fully automatic controllers, fan assisted cooling and auto defrost functions to maintain optimum temperatures .The sleek stainless steel interior and exterior surfaces are easy to clean and the digital control and display ensure consistent temperatures offering excellent performance and energy efficiency.

These compact commercial counter refrigeration systems can come in a variety of sizes with two to four door units available they are gastronorm compatible and some can hold up to nine gastronorm deep pans.

Whether you need a prep counter, stylish refrigerated storage or just more workspace, our range includes popular brands and models designed to meet all of your requirements, delivering the best value in today’s food service marketplace.

The Apollo AGNR2 Gastro 2 Door Refrigerated Counter is one of our fantastic refrigerated preparation counters on offer, creating a space saving unit for sites where space is at a premium it additionally features fitted lockable castors for easy maneuvering.

Back Bar Bottle Coolers

Back bar refrigeration systems can have powerful benefits for any business. These high performance refrigerated display counters come in sleek dynamic designs and are the perfect chilled display unit for any catering business, or even for the use in your own home if you serve any type of drink below room temperature.


They are equipped with fully automatic integral temperature controllers, forced air cooling and automatic defrost functions ensure precise monitoring and control of internal temperatures, creating the optimum serving temperature for drinks at all times. Replaceable seals and lockable doors ensure the perfect temperature is maintained.

They provide high stock visibility to customers and staff with interior display lights, and adjustable shelves accommodate different height and sized bottles whilst adjustable feet ensure the bottle cooler remains even on unlevel floors.

Bottle coolers come in a variety of sizes to suit any capacity requirements; storing anything from 100 bottles to over 250 bottles they are suitable for any size of establishment. They come in hinged door versions to sliding door versions and single cabinets, double or even triple units and are available in a range of colours and stainless steel finishes to compliment any interior.

Bottle coolers are the very best in cooling technology, making it ideal for storing all types of beer and wine they are by far the best showcase option for bottled and canned drinks in restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and many more.

We stock a wide range of back bar bottle coolers manufactured by top brands such as Apollo, Lec, Polar and many more.

Commercial Chest Freezers

Commercial chest freezers are great storage fridge freezers for anyone in the catering industry. They are a practical and convenient food storage solution.


Whether you own a small catering company or a large restaurant, having a commercial chest freezer will prove to be a very convenient tool due to the large capacity and significant amount of food they can store.

They are instrumental to any food service that has a necessity to handle large amounts of food storage on a regular basis and will bring lots of benefits to the operation of your business.

Not only is the chest freezers storage capacity a must in any serious business in the food industry but they are also profitable in any restaurant as they help create less food spoilage with the ability to freeze and store food – you can freeze leftover food or freeze food to make it last longer preventing wasting stock and money, it also allows you to do prep work for cooking on busy days as you are able to freeze it for later speeding up cooking processes.

It will also save your business money with the ability to purchase food in cheaper large bulk orders and store in the freezer for later use, this also ensures you are never low on stock during busy periods!

These reliable convenient freezers are also energy efficient; the design helps to ensure that less energy is needed to keep foods at the best possible temperature. As it opens from the top it helps to ensure that the freezer holds the cold air, and less energy means lower bills.

They are efficient as they increase workspace in the kitchen area, as they can store a deceptive amount of food and don’t take up a lot of room and if you are limited for space in the immediate food preparation area, you can easily store your commercial chest freezer in outbuildings too.

Every restaurant, bar, cafe and hotel should think about buying one for both practical and financial reasons. We have a superb range of commercial chest freezers available from leading brands and they come in a range of styles ready to benefit your food service business.

Wine Coolers

A wine cooler is the perfect storage option to keep your wines stocked in their optimum surroundings.


Designed, built and tested to provide the ideal storage for any wine they come in a variety of designs; dual zone, single zone, under counter, free standing and many more to suit your requirements.

They are specifically designed to not just preserve your wine at cool temperatures, but to also age your wine as well.

Storing and aging wine properly brings out the wine’s true characteristics, full flavor potential and consistency. It is the ideal kitchen appliance to ensure you are serving wine to customers and guests at the perfect temperature.

If you plan on keeping only white or only red wine then a single zone wine cooler is best for you, they have one temperature control and the storage space is undivided, so the whole cooler is set to the same temperature, which is best for wines with the same optimal temperatures.

If however you plan on keeping both red and white wines and don’t want to resort to two separate wine coolers then a dual zone wine cooler is the perfect option. A dual zone cooler will allow you to maintain two distinct and separate temperature zones within the same cooler as it has two temperature controls and divided storage space to accommodate both types of wines within the same one unit.

Not just perfect for commercial use but these electrical appliances can also be a luxury in any home. They offer large storage capacity displaying your wine selection at hand, becoming an elegant part of your home décor. They can come in several sleek designs and colour options.

The Vestfrost FZ295W is one great example of a dual zone wine cabinet available online, with an emphasis on both design and functionality it is ideal for use in the home or bar area. It is able to stock up to 146 bottles of wine at any time with two separate temperature zones, so it can stock both red and white. It cools and heats to maintain the perfect storage conditions. It also features an internal light for ease of visible display, 5 wooden shelves and a reversible door.