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Panasonic Commercial Microwaves

Panasonic is a renowned commercial and domestic brand name that has achieved global dominance across the electrical market. The wide range of Panasonic commercial microwaves we stock all combine powerful performance with outstanding reliability; they are your assurance of total satisfaction. They are designed and manufactured to cope with the demands of busy commercial situations from heating to prime cooking; from fast food takeout’s to high calibre canteens.

Panasonic Microwaves

Panasonic commercial microwaves provide a wide scope of real benefits to the user. The sheer high quality design and superior durability of a Panasonic commercial microwave is unbeatable.

They feature a strong, high quality, fully welded stainless steel construction, which ensures they are built to make a long and lasting contribution to any kitchen. They are designed and manufactured with heavy grade hinges, door catches and stainless steel castings for unlimited usage and the high output they can achieve is remarkable. Significant in size they enable a far greater workload than the average microwave.
Easy to use controls make them quick and convenient to operate, whilst a variety of fully variable power levels ensure a fast reliable way to heat product, especially in those busy periods. Control panels feature clear control pads and information displays to ensure heating product is as simple as pushing a single button.

Its sleek, seamless design and removable shelves mean it’s easy to clean and spills are wiped up quickly and effortlessly. Where space is a premium, these ovens can also stack safely with a joining plate.

Panasonic catering equipment will always offer you exceptional quality and value – an energy efficient appliance in any kitchen.

We offer a wide range of commercial microwaves from Panasonic, an oven to fit all needs and market sectors; ranging from the light and compact 1000w to the heavy duty 3200w ranges. They are ideal for use in public houses, restaurants or staff catering establishments where consistent results and ease of operation are essential.

Commercial Dishwashers

Where space is of a premium and high turnover of crockery and glassware is essential a commercial dishwasher is a big investment to any company. Commercial dishwashers are focused on high turnovers, when the need to clean up quickly and efficiently is a necessity in a fast paced environment. Serving kitchens across the country they are perfect for pubs, bars and restaurants.

Commercial Diswashers

Reliable, economic and simple to use they provide a high performance wash cycle at an affordable price.

Fast wash cycles and fitted drain pumps ensure maximum productivity whilst good quality stainless steel tubs ensure resistance to hard water and help dry dishes faster by holding heat.

Ranging from different sized wash tanks, basket sizes and plate capacities they can suit almost any establishment. They can wash a vast amount of dishes in minutes with some washing up to 40 racks per hour.

They also come in several styles to suit any pocket. Either in front loading styles so they can be easily stored under the counter, or in pass through styles, allowing racks to be passed through easily.

They are energy efficient which is always a plus in a busy catering establishment saving money in the long run. Built in sensors help save water and energy on half loads as they calculate how much water and energy are needed to wash the dishes.

A reliable commercial dishwasher can be one of many vital elements to the day to day efficiency of any catering or restaurant business. We carry a huge range of commercial dishwashers from well-known brands at affordable prices. For example the Hobart Ecomax F502 Commercial Dishwasher has a powerful wash with great results, a built in economical operation ensures low running costs and the electronic control with digital temperature display ensures it is simple and easy to use.

Atmospheric Steamers

Atmospheric steam cooking is extremely fast and efficient, offering the perfect solution for bulk production of healthy steamed food. They are simple to use, versatile and easy to clean. The quality capacity makes these perfect for cooking most food products including vegetables, pasta, rice, meat, fish and many more.

Atmospheric Stemers

With atmospheric steaming, moist heat is introduced and circulated in a continuous flow to ensure fast and thorough cooking of the food placed into the chamber. The food is heated by direct conduction in contact with the steam. Because it provides a constant exchange of fresh steam, there is no transfer of flavours so different foods groups such as seafood and rice can be cooked at the same time. Steaming is a very nutritious method of cooking as food flavour, colour and nutrients are retained but no fats or oils are used. The gentle steaming process retains important nutrients so cooking fruits and vegetables by this method is extremely beneficial as it helps to retain the high vitamin content of the food. Another advantage of the atmospheric steamers is how quick food can be heated up, from cold to piping hot in as little as 15 minutes.

Extra built in features enable high performance cooking, including thermostatic control & boil dry protection, mechanical self-fill water system and quality capacity for volume production. Several different shelf positions & removable shelf supports enable the easy movement of food in and out of the chamber as well as make use of easy cleaning.

They are available in a wide variety to suit any needs, they can be powered by electricity or gas, and come in free standing or stovetop versions, offering exceptional value for money.

An atmospheric steamer is an economical & essential contribution to healthy eating and ideal for kitchens where space is a premium, making it the perfect for your catering business.


A griddle is a compact powerful performer and offers the versatility of independently controlled cooking zones within a busy commercial kitchen.


This heavy duty piece of equipment offers superb performance, the large steel cooking area is built to cook large quantities of food within the hour for optimum cooking efficiency. It ensures even heat distribution allowing you to use the whole cooking surface, whilst offering thermostatic control to ensure consistent results. The thermostatic control regulates the griddle surface around a temperature set point established by the operator ensuring accurate repeatable results.

Other special features include: variable temperature control, a flame failure device and a removable fat collection drawer – which all combine to enable ease, efficiency and add to the safety of the product.

It is available in electric versions, which suit most indoor catering businesses, and is also available in gas versions for restaurant or outside caterers. It comes in a variety of different cooking surfaces such as steel, chrome or ribbed; all of which have different performance characteristics based on the required needs. It is also available in different sizes and different styles, the larger griddles are dual controlled and allow you the luxury of using just one side in your quieter times.

The griddles are versatile and economical and are a must for a large proportion of caterers out there. From little establishments up to large restaurants we feel we have one to suit all your needs we offer a selection of different sizes and power consumption. All produce consistently excellent results and are built to withstand the rigorous of a busy commercial kitchen. The Buffalo CD963 we stock is an affordable robust gas griddle with natural or propane gas connection; it has smooth cooking plates and adjustable feet suitable for countertop and is easy to clean with a removable drip tray. The Apollo AGR2200 is a fantastic heavy duty electric countertop griddle we stock, which comes with durable mild steel finish and removable drip tray. It delivers consistently perfect results, each & every time.

Heated Food Display Merchandisers

Designed for show and sell areas in any commercial food service operation. These outstanding performers maintain optimum temperatures, providing a means of displaying hot food direct from the oven and keeping them at the required temperature. They are perfect for both permanent and mobile operations, and ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels and fast food outlets.

Heater Food Displays

Choose from our wide range of heated food display cabinets available, we stock every type of display merchandiser you need to keep your products hot. Whatever your food display requirements, there’s a heated food display merchandiser to fit any bill. From self-service to back service options, upright heated units, rectangular or curved front, to simple food display bars and pie cabinets from 350 ranged heated up to 650 range heated units.
Thermostatic control offers precise temperature control and the flexibility of heat variations at your fingertips to keep a wide variety of foods at that “just-made” taste and temperature longer.

These attractive and elegant display merchandisers are constructed of robust stainless steel and glass, providing attractive all round visibility, they maximize food sales potential by displaying fresh food product direct in front of customers. Sliding doors offer the convenience of easy access for self-serve and staff whilst also enabling ease of cleaning.
Extra features include adjustable shelf heights to accommodate different sized products and interior lights enhance food display whilst toughened safety glass doors offer safety and efficiency in any busy operation.

These great value units display and hold hot food safely at proper serving temperatures that your front of house is sure to benefit from. They are the perfect unit to merchandise hot fast foods.

General Purpose Trolleys

Simple and efficient, the general purpose stainless steel trolley is a common sight in any commercial kitchen, canteen or dining room. Built for the ease of transportation and storage of equipment, they are known as a real versatile piece of equipment in the catering industry. They are built to serve and last creating an easy solution for your catering needs.

Commercial trolleys

These heavy-duty fully welded constructions offer optimum strength and durability. The rails keep contents in place, whilst the stainless steel construction ensures stability to withstand maximum weights and safety of transporting and holding even the heaviest loads when needed.

Even though it has sturdy construction it is lightweight and supplied on castors that swivel and brake to make ease and safety of moving and storing large bulks of food, crockery and cutlery.

This versatile trolley can also be used as a preparation table, proving to be an essential piece of kitchen furniture.

They are rust resistant, easy to clean, and hygienic to use, maintaining a clean sterile environment at all times, making them particularly popular for use in hotels, restaurants, or anywhere food, drink or any goods may need to be transported.
It is available in a range of options to cater to your specific needs with two or three tiers and different dimensions to suit any establishment.

The lincat tier general purpose trolley we stock comes in the SST2 unit with two shelves or the SST3 unit with three shelves, both with easy clean dished shelves and braked castors at affordable prices.

Under Counter Hot Water Dispensers

More than just a faucet, it provides instant hot water at your fingertips, perfect for the constant flow of tea and hot drinks, making it an absolute necessity for all catering institutions.

Under counter water dispensers

The stylish stainless steel tap provides a constant supply of boiling water from an under-counter unit. It sits elegantly on your sink whilst the hot water tank sits conveniently under it making it the perfect complement to your kitchen. The unit refills itself, meaning a limitless supply of hot water is available on demand. Water comes up from your supply line to the large capacity stainless steel tank where it is heated. As water is dispensed, fresh water flows into the tank and the cycle continues. The incoming water is heated as it enters the container so that it only dispenses water at the necessary temperature and any steam generated is retained within the unit. It’s that simple.

They come in a wide range of capacities from 7ltr to 40ltr and power loadings of 3kw to 7.5 kw to suit every pocket.

These stylish chrome and stainless steel dispensers are ideal in areas with a high demand for boiling water. They can fill large quantities of cups per the hour. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, staff canteens, hospitals and many more. Flexible and versatile, an under counter hot water dispenser is a convenient part of any busy commercial kitchen saving you time and money.

Other features include an all stainless steel construction providing robustness and longevity of life, its quiet running pump means it can fit discreetly into any canteen whilst the sleek tap makes it perfect for locations where counter top space is limited. It can be programmable to dispense a measured volume or to deliver on demand, and is electronically controlled for constant temperatures.

We stock a variety of Under Counter Hot Water Dispensers all at great prices.

Food Waste Disposers

Food waste disposers are essential for the efficient and hygienic removal of food waste in the catering world. They are convenient and hygienic waste disposal units that allow you to quickly and effortlessly remove waste as soon as it gets produced, enabling a cleaner and safer environment to work in, and meeting even the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Food Waste Disposer

These compact devices provide an environmentally responsible answer to the growing problem of food waste and table scraps in any establishment. By removing food waste quickly from commercial kitchens they eliminate odours, spillages, and also reduce cross contamination as well as providing a renewable energy source.

They are safe and easy to use, including unique features offering enhanced performance and reliability. By the simple touch of a button a food waste disposer grinds food waste down and flushes it away via the drain, offering a practical convenient and easy way to deal with any type of food waste.

They are robustly built, so can withstand continuous use – built to dispose of hundreds of kilograms of waste per hour, and dispose of both soft and tough waste, they can deal with just about any food waste you can think of including meat bones, plate wastes, peelings and scraps. They have powerful motors with automatic and manual reversing action ensuring fast disposal and long life. They are fitted discreetly and easily, all that is needed is standard plumbing and a power source nearby.

Food waste disposers offer countless benefits. You will no longer need to deal with messy food waste or have the hassle of filling and emptying bins. With a choice of freestanding units as well as mounting under sink models available with us you can purchase the best food waste disposer for your requirements.

Commercial microwaves

In the catering world nothing beats a commercial microwave. They are one of the best, safest and most cost effective solutions around for any kitchen.

commercial microwaves

There are many benefits of purchasing a commercial microwave, the high quality design and superior durability of a commercial microwave versus a domestic microwave is unbeatable.

The quality of construction is designed for frequent and heavy use and the high power output they can achieve is remarkable; ranging from the light duty 1000 watts to the heavy duty 3200 watts.

These reliable contraptions are designed for limited usage and will not let you down – the heavy duty components enable a far greater workload. Significantly large in size, they are able to hold and cook a large amount of food at one time.

Sleek and compact, they are built with a stainless steel exterior and interior which makes cleaning up easy. Turntables ensure that the food is heated evenly so you don’t end up with food that is frozen on one side and thawed on the other.

They feature fully programmable control panels, meaning that heating times and settings can be programmed into the oven control panel. Heating product is then as simple as pushing a single button, ensuring a fast reliable way to heat product especially in busy periods. Commercial microwaves cook faster, save on energy, and their efficiency will keep energy costs down as well.

These heavy-duty machines are robust and reliable and can prove to be a lasting contribution to any kitchen.

We offer a wide range manufactured by top brands such as Merrychef, Samsung and Panasonic. With the wide variety that is available you can easily choose one that is just the right size and power for your business, suiting even the busiest of commercial kitchens.