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Pedestals are optional yet necessary features that accompany counter top units in the commercial kitchen. They offer a number of unique advantages; they address the situation of limited space in the kitchen as a pedestal also adds a storage component to a unit that otherwise wouldn’t exist, making a pedestal a saviour in the catering industry when space is at a premium. They also raise the height of the countertop units to a higher level to limit bending and back straining, making it a safer environment to work in.

Kitchen Pedestals

Another advantage of the pedestal table is that it has a small footprint, thanks to its narrow footprint and the supporting feet. This can be extremely useful in some settings, and it makes cleaning around the table much easier. The unique design ensures stability, with the supporting feet distributing the weight evenly to help keep the table from tipping. These units are built to hold heavy duty weights.

Pedestals come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles to coordinate with an assortment of establishments. In addition, most pedestals come equipped with adjustable shelves that provide flexibility and offer added storage where space is limited. The height adjustable feet make for perfect alignment on uneven floors. They come in a wide range of dimensions to suit any pocket. We stock models heated and unheated, with doors or without and suitable for use with gas products. Dependent on what is you are looking for we have the right pedestal for you.

We offer two types of models – pedestals for countertop fryers ambient and pedestals for counter top fryers heated, across a broad spectrum of specifications to suit almost any needs.

The Lincat HCL9 Heated Closed-top Pedestal with legs is designed to support Silverlink 600 counter top units; this is a heated model featuring thermostatic control so also doubles up as an ideal plate warmer. Doors are designed to fit left or right handed for flexibility in kitchen planning. All from the affordable price of £319.00

Vegetable Prep Machines

Vegetable Preparation Machines are used by top chefs around the world. These High speed, continuous production, versatile machines are used for slicing, grating, dicing, chipping and julienne. Perfect for producing a wide variety of freshly cut vegetables in the busy kitchen day in day out.


Immensely strong, durable, and easy to clean, you will find no other machines to meet your specific day to day needs so precisely and with ease and efficiency.

Its processing capacity is remarkable, the large hoppers cater for bulky vegetables meaning even cabbages and celery can be processed. Its comprehensive range of different discs for slicing, grating and cutting into sticks, strips or dice, mean it can cut a wide variety of vegetables with optimum quality and precision every time. It’s the ideal appliance for processing both delicate food products such as dicing or making french fries, as well as the more bulky produce.

Its high efficient ventilated motor allows continuous use and high output capacity – it can produce 100s of kg’s an hour, whilst also minimizing product spoilage. With it reaching anything up to 400 covers it is perfect for anyone in the catering industry including delicatessens, caterers, and restaurateurs.

Its simple sturdy design ensure all parts which come into contact with foodstuffs can easily be removed for cleaning, thus maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. The combination of various high precision safety features ensures the operator’s safety when the machine is in running mode, its benefits are endless.

We stock a wide variety of vegetable prep machines from trusted brands such as Santas, Buffalo and Robot coupe for as little as £459.99.