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Blast Chillers

A valued appliance in the commercial kitchen this machine helps to store and preserve food, ensuring safety and quality of the food product but not compromising on taste, appearance and nutritional quality of the produce.

Blast Chillers

Unlike standard refrigerators it can cool both cooked and fresh food rapidly by circulating very cold air over it, reducing the temperatures of cooked food within minutes so it is safe for storage and later consumption. They are perfect for both large and small businesses that need to chill and freeze their produce.

Catering Appliance offer a fantastic range of blast chillers from top manufactures Polar, Sterling, Foster and Gram in under counter and free standing units. From simple and sturdy designs to heavy duty large capacity units that can hold up to 20kgs, we have a blast chiller that can cater to your requirements.

Blast chillers can help you increase organisation in the kitchen, they help separate cooking from serving, saving time in busy periods as you can store and preserve large quantities of freshly cooked food safely for use at a later date, with food tasting as fresh as it did the day it was made. Cooking in bulk and storing has never been easier.

They are made from tough stainless steel ideal in the busy catering environment, with thick insulation to ensure great thermal efficiency units can chill food from + 70 degrees centigrade to + 3 in as little as 90 minutes.

Designed for performance and ease of use, they are simple to use, with some models featuring self-closing doors for maximum efficiency and easy-touch control panels with cycle selections.

For a reliable and robust solution for the rapid chilling and freezing of freshly cooked food a blast chiller is a certified investment for any catering business, offering a very safe method of cooling food quickly, minimising bacterial growth and overall optimal preservation of food quality.