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Salamander grill

The salamander grill is a powerful tool in the commercial kitchen. The unique cooking style of this appliance cooks food faster than normal grills; it generates intense heat, heating food from the top to brown it, making it a super-fast energy efficient grill to have in any professional kitchen.

Salamader Grills

The overhead infrared heating element is great for grilling sandwiches, steaks, burgers or fish, toasting, as well as browning of gratin dishes and caramelizing desserts.

The facility for extremely high temperature means it takes less cooking time than other grilling techniques ensuring fast and thoroughly cooked food, a bonus in any busy catering establishment with a high turnover of food.

They feature variable heat control for greater efficiency, accuracy and effortless cooking. Further benefits include easy clean vitreous enameled interiors and hoods, numerous grill shelf positions, fat collection trays, crumb trays and toasting grids for versatility in the kitchen, whilst flame failure protection ensures added safety features.

Available in electric and gas models to suit any pocket, the electric salamander grills offer precise cooking control, whereas gas salamander grills feature powerful ceramic plaque burners to ensure fast heat up.

Manufactured from heavy stainless steel they are a sturdy and durable in construction, reliable and robust they are an investment to any business. The modern and stylish sleek appearance makes these appliances equally at home in front-of-house or behind the scenes.

From Robust and light-weight grills to heavy duty grills than can cook 100s of slices of toast and tens of burgers and steaks per the hour; Catering appliance has the right salamander grill for you. We stock a comprehensive range from top manufacturers Blue seal, Falcon, Buffalo, Burco, Lincat and many more with both gas and electric models available.

For delicious, conventionally grilled food with that distinctive taste purchase a salamander grill today.