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Food Graters

Food graters are a powerful piece of preparation equipment in the catering world. Offering excellent performance and an output of 50kg of grated cheese per hour, these compact and strong machines are able to grate huge amounts of cheese in minimal time, with minimal effort, making them ideal for restaurants, pizzerias and patisseries around the globe.

Food grators

Cheese ends up in a wide variety of different dishes day in day out, but purchasing pre-grated cheese becomes time consuming and costly. Freshly grated cheese available on hand is a must in the busy modern day catering kitchen. That is why we stock the trusted Santos Grater O2A-CF600 No.2 Electric Grater, to make the hassle of grating cheese a thing of the past. This grater will meet your most demanding food processing needs with its outstanding powerful electric grater that can sharpen with a difference, providing efficient grating in minutes.

With a silent powerful motor of 600w this versatile machine is not only suitable for the use of cheese, but also suitable for nuts, dried fruit and chocolate. Its 800g capacity and speed of 1500rpm make this an unbeatable product. You will also find the various grating discs and attachments that work alongside this outstanding machine, such as 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm grating discs.

This durable machine is simple to operate and all parts are removable, making it easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Its sturdy aluminum and stainless steel construction, and inbuilt safety switch, ensure this product is robust and reliable. Extra features include its elegant finished style making it the perfect appliance for your kitchen worktops. All this for the unbeatable price of £417.00.

Soup Kettles

As the weather gets colder there is nothing more appealing to most than a hearty winter warming soup. Packed with nutrition and flavour it’s one of Britain’s most favoured meals. Therefore why not use the convenient tool of a soup kettle to make soup more accessible throughout the day?

Soup Kettles

Soup kettles are a convenient and compact way for the easy serving of soups all day long, via their long life heating elements and ability to hold up to 10 litres of liquid at any one time.

They work by keeping food at the perfect temperature for a long length of time via a built in thermostat and variable simmer stats. This works together keeping the food at a maintained temperature in order to limit the growth of any bacteria whilst also allowing the soup to not boil over. These temperatures can be easily adjusted for the desired temperature dependent on the type of food being used in the soup kettle. Then adding hot water to an internal water well releases moisture via evaporation to prevent the soup from drying out, these water well levels just need topping up dependent on the length of time the soup is going.

Most soup kettles come in a cauldron shaped kettle and lids are hinged and removable so that cleaning the product is easily done.

These compact performers are perfect for front of house, catering and any household serving soups, as a fuss free alternative method to re-heating soup on the stove. The benefits don’t stop there the soup kettle is also ideal for a wide variety of other foods including stews, sauces, chilli, porridge, mulled wine and many more.