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Combination Microwave Ovens

A combination microwave oven is more than a necessity in the busy catering kitchens. This innovative appliance combines two heat technologies to achieve outstanding cooking results. It combines the speed of microwave cooking with the heating element of a convection oven, the microwave cooks the food from the inside and the oven browns it, making it great for warming food, cooking, roasting and baking. With the amazing ability to combine both methods of cooking into one appliance makes this a great money saving machine.

combination microwave

You will save a considerable amount of energy and money using a combination microwave oven. These ovens use less power than a regular size oven and food cooks in a fraction of the time, freeing up time for other tasks in the kitchen. With cooking times much faster than the conventional oven but the same outstanding results it’s easy to see why these are a vastly popular piece of equipment in any kitchen.

They offer more cooking options over standard microwaving, providing maximum flexibility in food preparation. With fast turnover of food this appliance can cook through batches of food per the hour making it great for high demand of food.

These well-designed appliances are a stylish addition to any kitchen. They have smooth touch controls, a selection of program options for different settings and cooking times, and a simple dial for easy program selection and cleaning – ideal for establishments where fast turnaround and ease of operation is essential.

Heavy stainless steel cavity and casings ensure longevity of life making them great value for money.

Catering Appliance stock a range of the very best combination microwave ovens, from trusted brands Merry Chef and Panasonic.


No kitchen would be complete without an electric kettle. They make kitchen life simple and fuss free, providing hot water for drinks and beverages at the touch of a button.


Catering Appliance stock a wide selection of high quality electric kettles for the catering industry, from top manufacturers Buffalo, Dualit, Kenwood and Burco. With a wide range of stylish, heavy duty, light duty and special featured kettles we are sure to have one to suit your catering needs and requirements.

Our range of Buffalo kettles come with cordless feature so kettles can be portable and moved around once boiled. These kettles are reliable and robust, they are perfect for hotel room use, providing all around simple and satisfactory service. Special features include safety feature of automatic cut off if kettle is empty or when water is boiled, whilst ergonomic handles, water level indicators and easy to remove filters ensure this kettle is easy to clean and maintain.

Our range of modest and stylish Kenwood kettles boast functionality and simplicity. These energy efficient kettles have numbered cup graduations, allowing users to fill accurately and easily, preventing water wastage whilst saving you time and money. A simple and innovative design, these kettles are durable and long lasting.

If it’s heavy duty you are after then our range of powerful and large capacity kettles from Burco are what you need. Made from robust stainless steel, special features include ergonomically designed black molded handles, non-slip feet and detachable power cord, making these kettles more than convenient for the busy commercial kitchen. With 2 litre capacities and heating time as little as 5 minutes you can’t go wrong.

Our fabulous range of Dualit kettles are classic, stylish and efficient. These traditional dome shaped kettles speak for themselves; the cordless feature, oversized easy pour spout and heatproof handle all contribute to making these kettles a stylish investment to any kitchen.

Check out our vast range of amazing quality kettles today.

Coffee Machines

Whether it is as a take away beverage or served as part of a desserts or breakfast menu at your establishment, coffee is one of the nation’s most popular beverages.

coffee machines

Coffee machines are one of the most popular coffee makers on the market today. There are many different models and types that allow establishments and customers to have any choice of coffee and other hot beverages they desire. Catering Appliance stock a large range of commercial coffee machines and equipment, whether it is light duty coffee machines at an affordable price you are after, or a specialized high end range coffee machine that does all the works for those coffee enthusiasts, we stock a range to suit all establishments and requirements.

There are many advantages to having a coffee machine on your premises, whether it is for the commercial kitchen or for your kitchen at home, serving freshly brewed coffee is next to none.

Coffee machines deliver outstanding tasting coffee on demand at any time; they can brew copious amounts of coffee making them ideal for commercial use, saving you time and money.

Special features include timers, so you can set to brew at certain times, and various settings and combination machines make this appliance a versatile piece of equipment in any kitchen. The larger machines offer a wide variety of hot beverages such as hot teas, flavoured coffees, decaf coffee; you can make espressos, lattes and cappuccinos the list is endless to add to your beverages menu!

Machines offer flexibility in coffee strength as user can alter amount of water and coffee used, styles vary from pump-driven bar systems to pod drip machines to suit any kitchen and some advanced models offer built in safety mechanisms. On top of this clean-up and maintenance is easy, ideal in the busy workplace.

The Dualit Espressivo we stock is packed with user friendly features; a stylish and easy to use espresso machine designed for the coffee lovers it delivers the ultimate coffee. The machine is ready to go in less than 40 seconds and can make coffee after coffee per the hour perfect for use in busy cafés restaurants and bars.

Popcorn makers

Popcorn makers are fast becoming a popular choice in the catering industry. Although popcorn makers are commonly seen in cinemas and theatres they are fast becoming present in festivals, carnivals and many other catering events. There is nothing more inviting than the smell of freshly popped popcorn; it’s still the go to snack with low fat benefits and an abundance of flavours, resulting in overflowing boxes of popcorn, with the potential to be sold in almost any establishment.

popcorn makers

Having your own popcorn maker transforms a natural kernel into a healthy and delicious snack. Commercial popcorn makers are built to supply on a much larger scale than a domestic popcorn maker, ensuring you meet popular demand and customer satisfaction with perfect popcorn each and every serving. They are designed to save time and labor with their ease of use, and high quality features such as hardwearing components which result in long-term quality operation. Not only durable they are easy to transport too, making them ideal for concession stands, fairs, stadiums and movie theaters.

Simple to use, all you need to do is pour in the raw kernels and switch on, the motor heats up and stirs the kernels until they pop into fluffy and delicious corn.

The 8oz JM Posner Popcorn Maker we stock for the affordable price of £369.96 is built for commercial use with a 860W power output, easy to use it can pop corn continually at a consistent heat and heat up time is as little as 5 minutes. Added features include a removable bottom tray to easily dispose of un-popped kernels. We also stock numerous popcorn maker accessories including the DK868 popcorn cart for ease of maneuverability when around guests or at outdoor catering events, on top of this we stock a wide variety of popcorn seasonings including both sweet and savory to suit many taste buds.

Making popcorn in a popcorn machine means you will benefit from the incredible taste and quality, be able to flavor popcorn as you or your customers wish, and pump out freshly made popcorn on mass. A winner all round this appliance is sure to be an investment to any venue.

Hot dog and Hamburger Catering Equipment

Purchasing hot dog and hamburger equipment is an effective and easy way to add sales to your business.

hotdog machine

Hamburgers and hot dogs are a popular snack that is continuously in demand. The equipment Catering Appliance sell is all you will need to make delicious hamburgers and hotdogs for your customers. The high quality equipment we sell is easy to use and requires little attention and operation, making cooking hamburgers and hot dogs as easy as abc.

Fun and profitable they are ideal for BBQs, restaurants, outdoor catering events, festivals, fairs or even as a stand-alone food stand they can easily hold their own and bring in the money.

A cost effective appliance to your business they require little running costs, buying and preparing your hot dogs and hamburgers is so low that you don’t have to charge a lot of money to make a lot of money. Affordable great tasting food for your customers is the key to success in the catering industry.

We offer competitive hot dog and hamburger equipment all of which are manufactured by top brand Buffalo for affordable prices.

The Buffalo Hot Dog Warmer we stock gently steams frankfurters inside a glass cylinder using the trusty bain marie method. Constructed of high quality stainless steel this equipment is built to last. Adjustable thermostat ensures variable heat control making this the perfect hot dog warmer for any business.

The Buffalo Hamburger Making Machine is an easy to clean and maintain anodized aluminium, hand operated burger machine. Simple to use the holders and cellophane discs work together to form minced meat into perfect uniform sized burgers time after time whilst levers aid easy removal of hamburgers once cooked.

For an easy and simple way to bring money to your business, purchase your hotdog and hamburger equipment from us today.

Commercial Ice Crushers

In the commercial industry large pounds of ice to crush can become a tedious and time consuming task but with the use of a commercial ice crusher you can crush big ice blocks in minutes. A much valued appliance in the commercial kitchen they break large blocks of ice and crush them for the use in cocktails, soft drinks and juices in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafés and many other catering establishments.

Ice Crushers

There are numerous features and benefits to purchasing an ice crusher, these large capacity crushers are made up of high quality durable materials such as stainless steel, so they are guaranteed to last a lifetime in the commercial kitchen, delivering outstanding results every time. The most important part of the crusher is the steel blade; heavy duty steel blades and powerful motors are incorporated so as to facilitate the large ice crushing within minutes. Wide mouthed feed tubes make it easy to feed ice blocks into the machine and large containers store the crushed ice so it can be used as and when required. They help your business keep costs down as you can purchase ice in bulk instead of ready cut ice, whereas the stylish designs mean they are easy on the eye so can be used both front and back of house.

We stock both types of crushers, manual and electric to suit any requirements. Our manual ice crushers are easily portable making them good for outdoor events and domestic use. The electric ice crushers we stock are ideal for large commercial activities, they are fast and reliable, simply plug in feed the ice through and switch on the machine. Once all the ice in the feeder is crushed, the machine stops on its own so there is no need to monitor the Ice. The Santos ice crusher we stock has a capacity of up to 3kgs per minute and features both fine and coarse crush choice.

All the ice crushers we stock are safe to use and of outstanding performance. We also stock a wide range of ice crusher accessories, including ice buckets and tongs

£150m of funding available for Primary School Kitchens


The government have made “giving all children a healthy start in life” an official policy, aimed at providing a universally fair and healthy start for children regardless of social economic background or other factors.

A big part of this initiative is the provision of free, and importantly healthy, school meals for infants. As well as funding for the meals themselves, the government has made a financial commitment to ensure school kitchens are equipped to handle the extra volume of meals being served and to make sure they are geared towards the kind of fresh, nutritionally balanced food this policy is intended to see served in schools.

We want to do our bit to help ensure that this extremely laudable government initiative has an instant positive impact, and that the budget allocated to it goes as far as possible towards creating a healthy start for infants across the country. Catering Appliance Superstore will always try to match or beat the total price for any order, and on top of that we’re pleased to offer an additional 5% off the cheapest item in your basket, for schools and education authorities purchasing equipment to refit or refurbish their commercial kitchen facilities in line with the aims and objectives of the free school meals initiative. We won’t make you jump through any hoops, the discount is available for all primary schools until the end of 2014.

Equipment budget for free school meals policy

What is the funding?

The first welcome announcement in September 2013 that every child in reception, year 1 and year 2 in state-funded schools will receive a free school lunch, was followed up in December with a statement that part of this scheme would involve £70 million new money and £80 million unspent Department for Education budget being allocated to improve kitchen and dining facilities. Whichever way you spin it, there is some additional much-needed capital being injected into school catering facilities here, and a total of £150 million for schools to spend on commercial kitchen equipment.

The money can be spent on appliances, general kitchen refurbishments and extra dining facilities where they are needed to increase capacity. The whole point of the exercise, however, is to ensure all infants receive healthy meals and the best start in life, so schools are of course encouraged to make changes that will further this goal. Studies suggest that young children eating a healthy meal together at lunchtime can improve their social development and cognitive skills, which can only be a positive thing for the overall learning experience and student performance.

How do I get funding for my school?

The government has already announced how the capital funding for the delivery of free school meals for infants from September 2014 has been divided into smaller pots for each local authority. The final allocation to each school will be decided by your local authority or Academy Trust.

A full explanation of exactly how the figures have been calculated can be found here. In very basic terms, however, the government have counted all pupils in national curriculum groups Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, (or aged 4-6 as 31st Aug 2012), in all maintained primary and secondary schools, special schools, pupil referral units, academies and free schools. They have then used these pupil figures to proportionately divide up the total pot of £150m between the local authorities (or the Academies Capital Maintenance Fund, which manages maintenance capital for Academy Trusts), who will in turn govern the allocation of this maintenance capital to particular schools.

Please note that maintained nursery schools, direct grant nursery schools, independent schools and general hospital schools are not included towards the pupil count so local authorities will not have received a proportion of capital funding to cater for these.

For further information on how the specific funding allocation for your school has been broken down, contact the department or person at your local authority who deals with capital funding for maintenance.

How can Catering Appliance Superstore help?

Catering Appliance Superstore provides equipment for hundreds of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities across the length and breadth of the nation, and we understand the specific requirements of commercial kitchens in educational facilities.

School kitchens must prep for hundreds if not thousands of meals, and then serve all of them within a single service session of an hour or only slightly more. In very few other food service environments is there such a high demand in such a restricted timeslot. There can be no sacrifice of quality in achieving this daily feat; the food must, of course, be tasty and fresh enough to appeal to sometimes choosy youngsters on the one hand, and be healthy and nutritious enough to supply them with the mental and physical energy they need for learning and to satisfy government policy and public concern over school meal quality and healthiness on the other. Schools also have to serve a respectable range of options each day and vary that range over the course of a week and a term, just as any catering operation needs to provide variety.

Catering Appliance Superstore can help by providing guidance on the most appropriate kitchen appliances and equipment to handle the changes you need to make to meet the requirements of the new government initiative, and we’ll help you financially by offering the best price we possibly can (including the additional discount mentioned above).

Of course, the kitchen team or facilities manager at your school will know best what specific pieces of catering equipment are required to deliver the increased number of healthy school meals for infants, but in case you are still deciding exactly how to refit or expand, we’ve compiled a summary of top product types we think fit the objectives of the government’s ambition to give all children a healthy start in life. Some of the main factors we’ve considered are:

  • Durable, tough, and easy to clean – look for stainless steel construction and fully welded or pressed forms, and easy disassembly for deep cleaning
  • Industry standardisation – purchase catering appliances that are compatible with “gastronorm” pots and containers and that have standard plumbing fittings
  • High capacity in storage, automated preparation, cooking and cleaning – get through your workload as efficiently as possible
  • Effective hot and cold holding that maintains quality – keep food hot and fresh during lunchtime, right down to the last pupil in the queue

Based on these factors, there are a few product groups that particularly stand out:

Lincat Atmospheric Steamers – these were the first products that came to mind when we started looking at suitable equipment for healthy school meals. They can handle great volume, are compatible with gastronorm 1/1 or gastronorm 2/1 size pots, and they get great, healthy results. Steaming maintains the nutritional content of food better than any other cooking technique. Available in gas or electric.

Lincat Opus 700
Atmospheric Steamers – Electric
Atmospheric Steamers - Electric
Lincat Opus 700
Atmospheric Steamers – Gas
Atmospheric Steamers - Gas

High powered preparation equipment from veg prep machines to food mixers, that can handle high volume day in and day out without fail, are essential items in a school kitchen. Here is just a selection of what we can supply.

Potato Peelers
Potato Peelers
Food Mixers
Food Mixers
Food Processors
Food Processors
Food Slicers
Food Slicers
Vegetable Prep Machines
Vegetable Prep Machines

Lincat high capacity hob ovens – ovens with boiling tops are the general purpose workhorses of many commercial kitchens, and the performance models in the Lincat Opus 700 range will provide you with the high power, output and long life you need

Lincat Opus 700
Dual Fuel Ovens
 Dual fuel ovens
Lincat Opus 700
6 Burner Gas Ovens
6 Burner Gas oVens
Lincat Opus 700
6 Plate Electric Ovens
6 Burner Electric Ovens

Hot and cold holding kit – bain maries, hot cupboards, hot scuttles, hot and cold service counters are all excellent products for keeping your food at the right temperature on your front-facing serving line, designed for high capacity storage and to allow easy service

Bains Maries
Bains Maries
Hot Cupboards (Bain Marie Top)
Hot Cupboards (Bain Marie Top)
Chip Scuttles
Chip Scuttles
Serve Over Counters
Serve Over Counters
Heated Displays with Gantries
Heated Displays with Gantries

Gram upright commercial fridges and freezers – gastronorm compatible, extremely reliable and energy efficient, and providing easy storage and access to batch-prepared chilled and frozen meals

Gram Upright Fridges – Double Door
> View all Upright Fridges – Double Door
Upright Fridges - Double Door
Gram Upright Fridges – Single Door
> View all Upright Fridges – Single Door
Upright Fridges - Single Door
Gram Upright Freezers – Double Door
> View all Upright Freezers – Double Door
Upright Freezers - Double Door

High capacity glass and dishwashers – models from Hobart Ecomax like these huge capacity pass through systems will deal with the aftermath of every hectic lunchtime

Hobart Ecomax Pass Through Dishwashers
Pass Through Dishwashers

For further advice and buying suggestions for the free school meals for infants policy on, please see our catering equipment for primary schools page. You can also start building a quote, using our quote system. This will allow you to ‘build up’ a list of equipment over a period of time, then submit it to us to work out a great bulk order discounted price.

Potato Bakers

Jacket potatoes are one of the easiest foods to serve in the catering industry, healthy and nutritious, they are a low cost, high profit margin food that is a popular choice amongst customers. When serving potatoes on mass a potato baker is essential. They offer unrivalled cooking performance through the use of fan-assisted convection cooking and have a capacity to cook over hundreds of potatoes; they make hot, freshly baked potatoes to perfection within the hour whilst the top holding cabinet keeps the potatoes fresh and hot until served.

potato bakers

There are copious amounts of benefits to purchasing a potato baker, these highly efficient ovens not only cook potatoes to perfection but they help free up oven space for all other items which is a necessity in the busy commercial kitchen. These versatile ovens can also be used to cook other foods such as croissants, rolls and pasties.

They are built for heavy duty use with vitreous, enameled coloured panels, solid cast doors and stainless steel interiors. Rounded corners and removable wire shelves make for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The King Edward range we stock is highly visual and attractive, with Illuminated, visual display to both sides of the oven they offer attractive presentation and delicious aroma for your customers to experience, enabling you to maximize your sales.

The compact oven means they take up little counter space, ideal when space is a premium in the workplace. We have them available in different oven sizes to fit your business needs and requirements, and we stock different styles and colours to cater for any décor. Easy to work with in any environment they can be used as a counter-top or a back-bar piece.

The potato baker means you can serve delicious baked potatoes from sandwich bars, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, outdoor events and just about any other catering establishment you can think of.

We stock both gas and electric potato bakers from top manufacturers including King Edward and Parry. The King Edward CB788 is a high capacity potato oven that has an easy clean interior and illuminated oven and storage area with built in timer for added flexibility.

Wine and Champagne Buckets

Whether you are a restaurant, bar, club or any other business in the hospitality sector you will be sure to need a wine and champagne bucket to chill, display and serve your bottles from. We have an array of good quality wine and champagne buckets including stylish, curved designs or streamline, classic shaped buckets to suit any décor.

wine coolers

Chill, aerate and pour your beverages at the optimum temperature straight from a bucket. Buckets display your wine and champagne impressively and also help to keep it at its optimum temperature for several hours.

Made from durable materials they help easily transport bottles to tables and provide a means to store them whilst customers enjoy the bottle. They are stackable for easy storage and lifting, whereas the handles are made for easy lifting – making these buckets as practical as they are stylish. They can also be used for boating, picnics or simply home entertaining.

We stock a variation of colour, style and sizes so you can purchase the right sized buckets for your business needs. We have a selection of clear acrylic buckets, or you can make an impact with our black acrylic versions. These simple and classic designs are sleek and commercial and bring elegance to any table top attire. You can also show off your champagne in style with our highly polished stainless steel buckets – a timeless addition to any establishment. We also stock a range of stands to hold the buckets in, ideal for the ultimate luxury display.

For flawless champagne and wine etiquette it is essential to have wine and champagne. Our range will be sure to inject a level of luxury and class to any setting.

Counter top fridges

Counter top fridges are a sophisticated and functional appliance in the kitchen, with stylish exteriors and compact interior storage options and compartments; they offer a significant amount of benefits. These space-saving refrigeration units offer innovative refrigeration in the kitchen, extra work space and efficient, easily accessible storage, making serving and operation as easy as possible.

table top fridges

They offer a significant amount of benefits making them a convenient unit in any kitchen, unlike regular bulky refrigerators they have a compact shape and space saving design means they can fit into almost any pocket and makes them the perfect unit for when space is at a premium. The lightweight yet sturdy construction means they are easily portable which is an added bonus in the busy workplace.

They are energy efficient with energy-saving Features so you can preserve your foods without expending excessive energy; the small and compact design means overall lower running costs

They offer additional refrigeration storage space, ideal for when you need extra fridge space to store drinks, fresh meat and other frozen foods. They ensure everything is chilled to perfection.

The copious amount of benefits makes them extremely useful in your workplace making them particularly convenient for hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, bars and other catering establishments

The table top fridge we stock from top brand Lec is ideal for providing extra refrigerated storage in your home or kitchen with its 45 litres of cold storage space, 4 litre ice box and reversible door for flexibility as to not limit where you can put it. The A+ energy rating ensures optimal energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact, added features include adjustable thermostat, bottle shelf and non-slip feet. Manufactured in a crisp white finish which makes for easy maintenance and a clean and hygienic appearance which means it can be used both front and back of house.

Purchase one today for the affordable price of £126.00 and savour its excellent cooling and convenient benefits for years to come.