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Commercial Linen Trucks

Linen trucks are specifically designed for the catering trade to ensure easy collection, storage and mobility of linen and laundry. Constructed with carrying capacities of 220 litres these trucks are sure to make yours and your employees’ life a whole lot easier.

linen trucks

Designed to support commercial laundry services such as hotels, resorts, hospitals, restaurants, B&B’s and many more they are made from a durable heavy duty construction and are an economical and environmentally friendly product.

Our commercial laundry carts are rust-proof and noncorrosive, so you can be sure you won’t ruin any materials you put in them. They are made from a tubular steel frame with four swivel non-marking castors. Benefits of laundry carts with swivel casters ensure easy mobility and give you added maneuverability around tight corners.

Catering appliance offer a great laundry cart on wheels that is perfect for your business. At the affordable price of £87.99 the L616 Linen truck is a versatile space saving trolley that folds down flat to one-fifth of its original size for easy storage. With removable bags and dimensions of 800(h) x 550(w) x 600(l)mm it can easily hold masses of linen and laundry, aiding any establishment in the commercial laundry sector. This high quality truck we supply also comes with one-year warranty.

Spare bags for the linen trucks can be bought separately at Catering Appliance so once you’ve purchased your linen truck you can easily stock up and keep the truck at its best performance with brand new bags. We stock the Linen Truck Bag L617 made from washable canvas this efficient bag can be washed and re-used and easily clips in and out of linen trucks.

Buy a linen truck today to provide a storage and mobility solution to your linen and laundry services.

Restaurant Table Linen

Catering Appliance believes table linen is an important part of the dining experience for you and your customer. That’s why we have an extensive collection of table linen, including a range of luxurious styles and fabrics such as damask tablecloths, roslin woven tablecloths and plain polyester cloths for you to choose from.

table linen

We have them in a range of colours and sizes to suit any décor of hotels, restaurants, and catering functions. We also stock a range of place settings, table protectors, satin bands and napkins that will be sure to compliment your table linen and overall set up.

Our Damask table linen is constructed from durable, crisp white linen incorporating an ivy leaf pattern, available in a range of shapes and sizes for versatility. Matching napkins are also available to add the finishing touch to your table arrangements. Made for the high quality establishments this whole range will be sure to add elegance to your business.

Our traditional Gingham polyester range includes tablecloths, napkins, and slip cloths so you can enjoy a matching table set for affordable prices. The red and white bistro-style check is ideal for cafes, tea rooms and restaurants, indoor and outdoor dining. The soft touch, easy-care spun polyester is easy to wash and iron and of the highest of quality.

The range of PVC wipe clean tablecloths we stock are ideal for practicality and easy cleaning, making them ideal for everyday use in high volume catering establishments for when time is of the essence. We have various designs, colours and sizes, from spotty to floral and check to suit any level of food service. These attractive styles of table cloths are made from hardwearing wipe clean cloths, further benefits include moisture impermeable surface and synthetic felt backing meaning these cloths are long lasting and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Choose from our extensive range of restaurant linen today.

Hotel Catering Supplies

We provide a range of hotel and guest supplies for the hospitality sector ranging from economy complimentary and beverages, through to bedroom and bathroom equipment for hotel and B&Bs. Maximise your guests experience, as well as the reputation and value of your service with our high quality and luxurious products.

hotel catering supplies

Our range of bathroom and bedroom products includes everything you will need for your guest rooms. Our bathrobes and disposable slippers offer home comforts for guests away from home, our fabulous unisex Waffle bath robes are made from 100% cotton; a classic design and shape these waffle texture bath robes are sure to be an attractive bonus to each room.

Our shower and bath mats are made of pure cotton towelling, heavy duty and white in colour – perfect for commercial laundering.

Our wide range of white cotton towels for the hotel sector are of superior quality and made from 100% cotton yarn to give guests a luxurious feel against the skin. The towel range includes face cloths, hand towels, bath towels and sheets. All uniform white and available in multipack sizes, they are ideal for commercial use. Enjoy high quality towels at low prices.

With everything from hygiene bag dispensers, disposable tumblers, shower caps and shower curtains you can be sure to kit out your rooms to the highest of standards.

Complimentary toiletries include a spectrum of brands to suit any level of service, including Natural range toiletries, Elsyl natural look toiletries Geneva, Mignon and many more. All can be bought in large quantities for bulk buying, making it easy for commercial purchases.

We also stock presentation trays for you to display toiletries on so they look neat, tidy and presentable to the eye.

Our electrical appliances cover irons and hairdryers for individual rooms, these easy use items ensure satisfied guests and customers.

For classically presented products for hotel, B&B and guesthouse’s look no further than Catering Appliance.

Lincat Electric Combination Ovens

Lincats electric combination ovens set new standards in cooking performance and cost efficiency. This fully automatic cooking oven allows you to just simply select and define the cooking requirements for any food and ensures outstanding results, making it the perfect catering equipment for any kitchen.

lincat combination ovens

Providing real business benefits in terms of increased efficiency and increased versatility it guarantees top quality food every time.

They contain a wide range of advanced features, offering a huge range of cooking styles such as roasting, baking, grilling and boiling across a wide range of food groups including poultry, meat, fish, desserts and many more. You simply need to select the desired result and leave the oven to do the hard work of selecting accurate cooking mode, temperature and humidity levels to guarantee perfect results. Built in temperature controls monitor the temperature and humidity levels whilst fan speed and direction ensures thorough cooking, it even detects the size and load of food to ensure cooking is even across all grids so there is no need to check or turn foods.

With four cooking modes: hot air cooking, steam cooking, combination cooking and finishing results this machine delivers precise and even cooking results at incomparable quality. It can also reduce production times, saving time on money and energy a must for any busy caterer in the industry. Advanced display screens ensure to keep you informed at all stages of the cooking progress and time.

With a built in self -cleaning system, cleaning is made easy via an integral hand shower that ensures a perfect care and cleaning regime at a saved energy cost.

The range of Lincat’s combination ovens we stock have the latest advances in technology to offer you quick and easy cooking results making them the perfect solution for a stress free quality service. Invest in confidence in one today and see the host of powerful benefits a Lincat electric combination oven can bring to your business.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

commercial cleaning equipment

Here at Catering Appliance we have a comprehensive range of high quality commercial cleaning equipment and products for the busy catering industry and domestic sectors. We supply a wide range from heavy-duty industrial cleaning hardware equipment such as pressure washers and specialist chemicals, to everyday cleaning products including sprays and washing up liquid. Our vast assortment covers everything from bleaches to vacuum bags, janitorial carts and trolleys.

Our extensive range of cleaning supplies from leading manufacturers meets the cleaning needs for any establishment at competitive prices.

If its everyday cleaning chemicals you are after we stock a wide range of bar cleaning products, floor care, laundry and kitchen cleaning products and many more. The 5 litre Jantex beer line cleaner can be used to clean and sanitize pumps, beer and beverage lines and equipment. Whereas the Quash lipstick remover is your solution to getting rid of those stubborn lipstick and greasy stains on all your glassware, this product easily removes these unwanted stains in seconds – saving you time and money. We stock a range of laundry and kitchen cleaning products in bulk sizes for industrial use, including laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, dishwasher tablets and even foam grill cleaners.

With our range of janitorial products you will be kitted out for professional cleaning, these multi use trolleys come with trays clips and hooks to store a vast range of cleaning materials, mops, brooms and refuse bags. Enjoy all the benefits of keeping your cleaning tools secure and together on this sturdy construction all for the affordable price of £145.19.

At Catering Appliance we can provide you with all your cleaning supplies to keep your premises and working environment up to the highest of standards of cleanliness and hygiene at an unbeatable cost.

Blizzard Catering Equipment

Blizzard Catering Equipment

Blizzard Catering Equipment is some of the finest catering equipment around. We supply a full range of Blizzard products that most commercial premises require at affordable prices. The Blizzard brand is built with the same quality control and specification of the highest European standards, making all products superb value for money. The extensive range we cover includes bottle coolers, freezers, icemakers, prep counters, and cellar temperature control systems.

We have a collection of Blizzard refrigeration and ice machines for your business. Our high quality refrigerated display cabinets and chilled merchandisers will display your merchandise superbly in its optimum surroundings.
Blizzard back bar bottle coolers and wine coolers are available in a variety of single double or triple doors units so you can choose the right one for you. Features include forced air circulation, digital controller and variable temperature control whilst adjustable shelves and feet make for easy mobility and storage. These Heavy duty, large bottle capacity units are ideal for pubs bars and general display.

The wide variety of fridges and freezers in various sizes we stock will be sure to cater for any establishments needs. Blizzards extensive ranges of freezers include prep counter, chest freezer, upright and even under-counter freezers – for when space is premium. Features include fully automatic operation and fan assisted cooling
 to ensure consistent results.

The innovative energy efficient prep counters from the blue line range we stock are remarkable. Not just any standard prep counter the blue line range is energy efficient and cost effective – its innovative technology is programmed to reduce energy usage but not affect the storage temperature of the product.

The Blizzard restaurant and bar equipment we stock covers a range of hot and cold food display units in a range of sizes starting from £1019. These stainless steel buffet displays are an attractive and efficient unit to display all types of food in any catering environment. They feature overhead illumination, protective screens, large gastronomy capacity, variable temperature control and adjustable thermostat, the best units around.

If its good value commercial refrigeration and catering equipment you are after then trusted brand Blizzard supplies high quality and reliable products delivering each and every time.

Washroom Products

Washroom Products

Hygiene in the catering industry is a necessity. We have everything you need to keep washrooms to the highest of standards, choose from a collection of baby changing facilities, air fresheners, hand dryers and paper towel dispensers. These products will ensure you the best hygiene results whilst also reducing janitorial time saving you money.

Eliminate those bad odors and smells and make your washroom smell divine with our fantastic collection of air freshener dispensers and refills – we cover various fragrances to suit any facility.

Having the right hand wash and sanitizer is essential to the busy communal area; our collection of Rubbermaid and Lotus soaps will keep even the dirtiest of hands clean and bacteria free. All our soap dispensers are easy to use and simple to refill.

Our electric hand dryers are another must in the high traffic washroom keeping hands dry in minimum time. These high-energy efficient machines are powerful, robust and feature automatic sensors making them more than ideal for commercial use.

Our range of changing facilities for babies and toddlers by top brands Rubbermaid and Magrini offer innovative foldable designs for convenience and sanitary need when space is limited. These baby-changing units are an essential purchase for even the most basic of washrooms.

Here at catering appliance we have every washroom accessory you need to cover the ever-increasing demands of the modern washroom and hygiene sector.

All our products are suitable for all types of establishments and provide a cost effective way of keeping your washroom clean, tidy and safe.

Hotel Furniture

Hotel Furniture

It is vital to keeping organisation and efficiency within the hospitality and catering sector, that is why here at Catering Appliance we have a range of hotel furniture to keep your reception and establishment smooth running even at the busiest of times. Having the right furniture not only reflects well on your business, but also can guarantee safety of customer belongings and help deliver top-notch customer service to your guests.

Our cloakroom systems help maintain an exclusive cloakroom service and security for guests coats and other personal possessions. We have a range of furniture to ensure practical coat hanging systems for day to day commercial use, keeping coats neat and tidy and nicely hung at all times.

Our extensive range of coat stands cater for a 20kg max capacity and offer easy storage to protect garments. The Chrome Coat Stand we have available is a stylish and sleek coat stand with 12 hooks, integral umbrella stand and weighted base to ensure stability for everyday use. Our strong steel constructed Garment rails offer high coat holding capacity and come supplied with anti-theft coat hangers for added security.

We stock a range of high quality contoured polypropylene and wooden hangers, 
attractive and sturdy they go perfectly with our coat storage range. The numbered tags we also supply guarantee a simple, well designed, numbered cloakroom system for your business.
Keep your front of house area attractive and tidy with our range of reception furniture, from leaflet and magazine holders to service bells and lobby trolleys. Our contemporary Luggage Carts offer high load capacity for easy transportation of heavy luggage whilst our efficient restaurant diary’s and guest books will be sure to keep your staff organized and customers happy.

Commercial kitchen utensils

Commercial Kitchen Utensils

Every chef knows how much of a necessity it is to have the right tools for the right job. With all the things you do with food, having the right kitchen utensils can make life a lot easier in the catering world; it not only saves time and effort but is also essential to producing perfect results.

Get all your kitchen utensils at Catering Appliance with our extensive range of good quality kitchen tools. We have everything you need to keep your establishment running smoothly including chopping boards, jugs, peelers, scissors, serving utensils and any other general food preparation equipment you can think of. Ensure your culinary creations have the best finish with our selection today.

All our utensils are pleasant to work with, easy to use and fit beautifully into classic and contemporary kitchens. They are made from a range of materials including high quality stainless steel ensuring they are long lasting, scratch resistant, corrosive and easy to clean.
Our range of Hygiplas chopping boards are crafted from hardwearing and robust polyethylene plastic. These quality colour-coded chopping boards are colour coordinated to prevent cross contamination in the kitchen. They are non-absorbent, odorless, non-toxic and comply with all hygiene regulations. An innovative yet fun kitchen accessory they are bound to liven up your kitchen.

The compact and sleek Vogue Kitchen Scissors we stock are a perfect multipurpose utensil for your kitchen, this versatile instrument doubles up as a bottle opener, jar opener and screwdriver.

Great value for money our tools are not just for the commercial kitchen but domestic too. So why not equip your kitchen today and prepare and serve up your food with the right kitchen utensils available at Catering Appliance.

Chef Clothing

Chef Clothing

At catering appliance we have a wide range of professional chef clothing to choose from for you and your staff at affordable prices. We cover everything from chef jackets, hats and trousers to children’s aprons to keep you protected and well prepared in the catering environment.

Look impeccable and stylish with our high quality uniforms and ensure you and your staff are safe in the kitchen at all times. Our range is stylish, comfortable and durable, with specialized lightweight materials and innovative designs to keep chefs cool whilst working in hot kitchens – they act not only as uniforms but also ensure added protection. Chef uniforms allow for easier cleaning, ensuring effective removal of stains and that your kitchen and staff comply with regulations.

Our extensive range of chef clothing is sourced from top brands including Chef Works and Whites Chefs Apparel, so you can be guaranteed of the quality you are buying.

If it is personal preference you are after when it comes to chef clothing then you’re sure to find what you are looking for, we offer a huge range of sizes, colours and styles to suit any level of food service including smart and practical, to high end fine dining establishments with our signature range. Our chef clothing ensures ultimate comfort with modern innovation including Velcro adjustments, polycotton construction and cool ventilation – allowing heat to escape and cool air in for all day comfort in the kitchen.

If its colour you are after for your staff the Colour by Chef Works ¾ length range of jackets made from light weight durable material cover almost any spectrum of the rainbow and will be sure to add a contemporary touch to your kitchen.

Having the right chefs uniform is essential for chefs to focus on the cooking and remain cool and calm in the most hectic of environments, so cook in comfort and style with our fantastic selection that delivers optimum quality at the right price.