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Commercial Food Processors

A food processor is the workhorse of the commercial kitchen; a multifunctional kitchen appliance that quickly and easily performs repetitive food preparation tasks such as chopping, slicing, shredding, grinding, and even pureeing. These compact and powerful machines can be used to prepare almost any type of food in the kitchen.

Food Processor

The ultimate appliance for the busy catering industry, they help eliminate stress, save time and energy, efficiently preparing food so you don’t have to. All these benefits and more prove it to be a valuable time saving resource for any kitchen.

We have a wide range of commercial food processors available from light to heavy duty, catering for even the largest of establishments. All are capable of processing food at a fast speed whether it is chopping, grinding, shredding or mixing. They are high powered machines capable of processing hundreds of servings per hour. Variable speed models, smooth blade rotors and the unique design of the mixing bowls ensures perfect results for both large and small quantities of food.

These versatile machines are able to process and slice food, some also feature pulse function to ensure precise cut of fragile vegetables and fruits.

These machines are simple to use with the push of a button, extra features include scratch and break-resistant bowls, dishwasher safe components and built in safety features such as a magnetic control system to automatically stop the machine if the cover is opened. Some come supplied with a variety of stainless steel bowls, funnels for adding ingredients, and different sized mm slicing discs to work with most food products.

The Diti Sama food processor we have available even features an efficient scraper that eliminates the need to manually remove food from the sides of the bowl, in addition to maintaining a clean lid for optimal visibility.

If you are sick of the mandatory, repetitive and time consuming tasks involved when it comes to preparing food, then purchase a food processor today to do the job for you.

Commercial Potato Peelers

The potato peeler machine is a simple but perfect device, capable of producing clean white potatoes within a very short space of time, keeping preparation time to an absolute minimum – a necessity in the busy day-to-day catering industry.

Potato Peelers

Enjoy a swift peeling cycle with minimal product waste as potato flesh is peeled away perfectly, making them suitable for all types of potato chip making industries.

These machines are designed and built to withstand repeated long-term use, capable of providing years of reliable performance. Despite the compact size, they are robustly constructed made of rust free stainless steel for longevity of life, and the corrosion-proof cast aluminum peeling plate ensures more effective peeling.

Extra features include interchangeable peeling chambers for an easy change of capacity, and integral timers for simple operation. All electrical components are protected in a sealed box to ensure safe operation.

These time-saving devices are not only limited to peeling potatoes but can also peel a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The wonderful range of potato peelers we have available are all outstanding value for money, eliminating preparation time and producing on mass, saving time, energy, and bringing money to your business.

We offer a range that caters for both small and large establishments. The Lincat LPP35 description is ideal for smaller kitchens as it has small footprint and quiet operation, capable of a 35kg output per hour. If it’s heavy duty you are after then the Lincat LPP250H is for you – an upright model, which is ideal for medium and large scale operations, with an amazing output of 250kg per hour.

The automatic potato peeler is a great choice that combines economy and efficiency for all of your potato peeling needs.

Stick Blenders

A stick blender is a hidden gem in any professional kitchen. This piece of kitchen equipment is so versatile it can do almost anything and everything from mixing, whisking, pulsing, purees and blending with ease.

Stick Blenders

They are lightweight, powerful & easy to use, so working them takes no effort at all. The perfect tool for the quick mixing and blending of sauces, soups & purees, they can also be used to make fast and easy hassle free whipped cream. There is little limitation to the capacity of liquid you can process with commercial stick blenders, with anything from as little as 5 litres to a 100 litres.

The stainless steel construction and blade ensure reliable and constant use. Whilst the high efficiency motor and variable speed switch ensure perfect blending each and every time, some models are able to reach speeds of up to 18000rpm. Detachable shafts make for quick and hassle free daily use and removable parts ensure they are easy to clean.
Extra attachments can be supplied including two-blade knife, four-blade knife, beater discs, whisk discs and different shaft lengths to suit any needs.

The use of a stick blender certainly doesn’t have to be limited to catering establishments they make great use for the domestic kitchen too, making the perfect kitchen tool.

We stock stick blenders which are suitable for light commercial applications, including use in cafés and bars, to the more heavy duty models such as the Dynamic MFAP2000C3 Master Range Detachable Stick Blender. This is one of our finest handheld stick blenders, it can mix, puree and blend up to 100 litres, whisk up to 20 litres and rices up to 30kgs with ease and perfection.

Commercial Food Mixers

These heavy-duty powerful food mixers are an absolute necessity for bakeries, restaurants, canteens and schools. They can perform tasks such as mixing dough and batter, slicing and shredding at high volumes and high speeds, offering a trouble free operation during busy work conditions. The combined functionality and efficiency makes them an essential piece of equipment within the catering industry.

Food Mixer

Machines of extreme compactness and solidity they are designed to give outstanding performance, no other kitchen utensil can do so many things when it comes to high volume preparation.

They are reliable, fast, and safe to use, and can prepare anything in a commercial kitchen from pastry dough to creams and mousses, in a simple and fuss-free way. These versatile machines can also grind meats, grate cheeses, cut vegetables and much more. With a durable all metal construction and powerful motor they ensure smooth mixing, becoming the answer for all your mixing needs.

The broad range of attachments they come with such as whisks, dough hook, beater bar attachments and large capacity stainless steel bowls, all make these machines such versatile pieces of equipment.

Our range of top quality food mixers cannot be beaten for value and make a cost effective solution to any kitchen, the efficiency to mix and beat most foods at a high speed is remarkable. We stock trusted brands such as buffalo, Diamond and Apollo.

The Apollo APM10 Planetary Mixer we have available is a heavy duty, reliable mixer with a 10ltr capacity. This model also features a built in micro-switch safety feature for added safety. Whereas the Dito Sama MIX5 – CF628 Planetary Mixer we offer features 10 speeds, making it an ideal powerful mixer for a variety of foods.

Commercial Potato Chippers

Potato Chipper

A must have food preparation machine for any busy kitchen. The Lincat Potato Chipper can cut potatoes into chips in seconds. These machines help keep the running of any professional kitchen efficient and fuss free, saving valuable time and energy.
Significantly faster and more convenient than the manual alternative, the potato chipper makes a valid and lasting contribution to any commercial kitchen that needs a high turnover of food prepared fast and efficiently.

Not only can this machine cut potatoes into chips in seconds, but it is also ideal for cutting vegetables into strips and crudités, in preparation for other dishes. Interchangeable knife and scallop blocks are available in different sizes offering a choice of different chip and scallop sizes, so whichever style you prefer this machine can cater for them all including french fries and chunky chips.

This machine is simple to use and easy to load, just choose the blade, peel the potato, place in the chipper and out comes the chips. It is an ultra-fast operation turning out 25kg of chips per minute with minimal waste. Its wipe clean stainless steel construction and removable parts ensure high standards of hygiene and aid easy maintenance.

The potato chipper is a compact reliable design making it perfect for drainer or worktop mounting, or stand alone, to suit any size establishment.

Home-made chips are hard to beat so why not make them a fuss free operation with the Lincat LCPH; making perfect chips in one quick efficient motion whilst keeping preparation time to an absolute minimum.

Commercial Meat Mincer’s

Meat Mincers

Commercial meat mincing machines are designed and constructed to work in the food service market due to their robust construction, durability and reliability. They are an essential appliance for anyone creating quality meat products in the kitchen, grinding all sorts of meat, from coarse to fine, they help to create various dishes including hamburgers, sausages, pates and many more. Designed for the professional kitchen they are capable of outputting up to hundreds of Kgs of mince an hour.

We stock a wide range of high quality meat mincers from top manufacturers such as Apollo, Buffalo and Santos. Our commercial meat mincers provide outstanding value with no compromise on quality, making them suitable for meat mincing in hotels, restaurants, kitchens and canteens

Ensuring longevity in the kitchen they are seriously well built with a stainless steel construction, perfect for grinding those particularly coarse meats. Supplied with various mincing discs they are ideal for a variety of usage. Simple to operate and easy to clean with non-slip feet for greater stability, you cannot go wrong with our meat mincers.

One of the cheaper options we stock is the Buffalo CB943 Meat Mincer for just £99.99. This easy to use machine comes with coarse, medium and fine cutting plates and offers a reverse function for grinding more difficult meats. Making it the perfect device in a small, commercial kitchen, at an affordable price.

We also offer heavy duty Meat Mincers such as the Buffalo CD400 Meat Mincer. With a stainless steel hopper, precision gear drive, coarse medium and fine cutting plates, it is built for the larger commercial kitchen. It has a powerful motor of 800w that is energy efficient with an inbuilt cooling fan. This easy to use machine is supplied with both 6mm and 8mm cutting plates all for the affordable price of £399.99.

Commercial Serve over Counters

Serve Over Counters

Serve over counters also known as deli counters and fridge counters to many are the perfect addition to any catering establishment who would like to display fresh produce and sandwiches at front of house.

The commercial serve over counters can come in a variety of sizes, options and specifications. The extremely favourable Zoin Melody GG471 model is a refrigerated serve over counter designed for delicatessen and food items such as sausages, cheese and meat. The built in refrigeration system is of the highest quality, providing a constant temperature throughout the interior. There is also an area of lower cool storage are the rear of the unit.

Another great Zoin Serve over counter is the Zoin Harmony GG462 model. These ventilated refrigerated display cabinets are ideal for displaying cakes and sandwiches. They come with sliding doors at the rear of the unit, which makes it easy to access for serving.

Our range of commercial serve over counters includes popular brands and models designed to meet all of your commercial requirements. Catering Appliance Superstore is proud to be delivering the best value in today’s food service marketplace.

Commercial Fridges

We stock a large range of commercial refrigeration equipment including wine and back bar bottle coolers, commercial chest freezers, counter top freezers, heavy duty upright commercial fridges and specialised fridges for meat and fish. Available from leading brands and they come in a range of styles ready to benefit your food service business.

All the refrigeration equipment we sell is instrumental to any food service that has a necessity to handle large amounts of food storage on a regular basis and will bring lots of benefits to the operation of your business.


A wine cooler is the perfect storage option to keep your wines stocked in their optimum surroundings. They are specifically designed to not just preserve your wine at cool temperatures, but to also age your wine as well.

Whereas back bar bottle coolers are high performance perfect chilled display units for drinks, providing high stock visibility to customers and staff with interior display lights. These types of fridges are ideal for boosting impulse sales to the customer.
Anyone in the catering industry knows Commercial chest freezers are great storage fridge freezers; they are a practical and convenient food storage solution, as well as increasing workspace in the kitchen area

Refrigerated prep counters are highly flexible compact units that create additional refrigerated work surfaces where space is at premium and accessible refrigerated storage is a necessity in the commercial kitchen.

We also stock a wide range of commercial fridge’s that are much more powerful than residential models. Necessary for foodservice operations, they store perishable goods at the appropriate temperature for safe use. They can come in a variety of sizes with single or double door units available and in upright or under-counter models, furthermore we have specialty units available for fish and meat.

All our heavy duty commercial fridges come with large capacity storage and advanced features such as forced air cooling, auto defrost, constant digital display and adjustable shelves, which all make it ideal for any busy commercial kitchen.

Whether you own a small catering company or a large restaurant, having the right refrigeration equipment in the commercial kitchen to store large capacities and significant amounts of food and drink at the optimum temperatures is a vital and necessary ingredient to a successful and efficient business.

Filtration Units

Commercial kitchen ventilation properly designed, manufactured and installed is an essential part of every catering kitchen environment. They are great value solutions for the removal and control of high outputs of airborne pollutants such as cooking odours, heat, and grease generated from cooking processes, dishwasher systems and other kitchen equipment in the modern day busy commercial kitchen.

Filtration Units

These extraction systems are designed to provide the extraction levels necessary to comply with building regulations, such as helping to remove carbon monoxide gasses produced from the combustion process when cooking using gas appliances. Ventilation systems enable busy kitchens to function efficiently and safely and also provide a comfortable working place for your staff.

We offer two sizes of filtration units at very competitive prices, both of which are manufactured by Lincat, the market leader in fume filtration for small food service outlets, ideal for any catering environment.

We offer the Lincat L3 Fume Filtration Unit at a low price of £778.00. This model has powerful centrifugal fans that pull cooking fumes through a double bank filtration system, extra features include a three part filtration system and inbuilt overheat and fire protection. Then at £974.00 we have the larger version of this available; the Lincat L4 for the larger catering establishments.

Both these high quality and robust air cleaners offer a high quality solution to smoke, fume and grease reduction along with easy access for cleaning and filter maintenance via a hinged top panel. Why not purchase yours today.

Commercial Meat Fridges

Commercial meat fridges are designed to preserve large quantities of meat at variable temperature needs. Having a meat fridge is an essential requirement for many restaurants, cafes and hotels as well as butchers and farm shops.

Meat Fridges

All caterers will know that meat has to be kept at a certain temperate as part of food safety and hygiene, one part of this is ensuring that meat is refrigerated and stored correctly. Uncooked meats need to be kept a safe distance away from cooked meats. As a rule all cooked meat should be stored at the top of the fridge and raw meat should be separated at the bottom of the fridge.

Commercial meat fridges come in a variety of sizes and are offer the best technology for keeping meat at an ideal storage temperature. We stock a wide variety of meat fridges manufactured by top brands.

The Foster FSL400M upright meat chiller is ideal for those smaller catering establishments whilst the Gram Plus M1400CHX Upright Fresh Meat Refrigerator is ideal for larger restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchen who have a large amount of meat to store. Both of these meat fridges are stainless steel, having a commercial meat fridge which is made of stainless steel is much more hygienic than that of other materials. Stainless steel is a hygienic material that is resistant to most germs and requires less disinfectant cleaner.

Catering Appliance Superstore provide a wide range of catering equipment and commercial registration equipment for butchers, restaurants, hotels, cafes, fast food outlets, bars, butchers, caterers, and all other types of retail establishments.