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Kebab Machines

Kebab Machines are designed and manufactured for the modern fast food outlet. They provide an economical, simple and fast way to cook kebabs even in the busiest of environments.

Kebab Machines

The simple operation of these machines makes them ideal for fast food outlets, take-aways and restaurants and they are suitable for most kebab food products including chicken, mutton, beef, tofu and many more.

There are many advantages to these machines, with a safe and reliable rotating system; they are a reliable and easy-to-service machine, needing little attendance unless serving the customer. Made from the finest materials, its robust construction ensures a high capacity at low operating cost. It is safe and easy to clean as components are easily removable and excess fat is separated and collected in a drip tray.

The machines are attractively designed, fitting into even the finest of venues and you can be sure they offer customers the highest quality in hygiene.

The wide range we stock can suit any catering business, we supply both electric and gas models, with the electric models as simple to use as plugging in, and the gas models can have 2 to 4 burners, dependent on the size and capability of the machine. With models ranging from 400mm to 800mm in build, they can hold capacities from 20kg to a whopping 50 kg of meat.

The Roller Grill GR40E – 400mm Electric Kebab Grill we stock is one of the cheapest kebab machines around, with 3 heating elements for the cooking of 20-30kg of meat it is a steal at £719.00. The bottom plate is fully hermetic so the motor is protected from any infiltration of fat and juice from the meat and comes with a removable drip tray for use of easy cleaning.

Kebab machines are an energy saving and cost-efficient investment for any fast food caterer.

Commercial Fish Fridges

Commercial fish fridges also known as commercial fish keepers are regeneration units specially designed for commercial catering venues looking to store large quantities of fish. As with any type of refrigeration of meats it’s essential that you have the correct storage facilities in place for particular products.

Fish Fridges

A fish fridge is simply a commercial fridge that is specially designed for handling and storing fish into organised trays as well as keeping the fish at optimum temperature which in turn helps increase product shelf life. Fish fridges will be particularly useful for fish and chip shops, fish mongers, restaurants and hotels.

For the effective storage of fresh fish in volume the commercial fish refrigerator is a commercial kitchen essential, Catering Appliance Superstore supply commercial fish fridges from top brands. We stock the Gram MIDI M425CXH is an upright refrigerator with a right hand hinged reversible door with lock and automatic door closing, available with additional draws if necessary.

For those running any sort of a commercial venue where refrigeration is essential needed, Catering Appliance Superstore have a large variety of other commercial refrigeration options available to buy online today!

Commercial Dryers

Dry large volumes easily, and let our commercial machines take the strain of laundry pile-ups. All our commercial dryers are designed to cope with the demands of commercial laundry at a high-turnover .With robust build quality, and easy-to-use features our range of dryers will keep your laundry going day after day.


Robust and reliable, these machines offer strong build quality and performance of the highest standard. The large drums, easy access large door opening and customisable programmes make this appliance an attractive proposition for busy businesses.
Advanced features benefit your laundry service including stainless steel drums for longevity, auto cool down functions and advanced airflow systems for quicker drying times.

All our dryers are energy efficient, reliable, durable and excellent quality. So purchase one from us today for a dryer you can rely on, and dry multiple heavy loads easily.
We have the whirlpool 3LCGD9100WQ dryer, available in both electric and a gas model, to suit any pocket. It has no limit on the number of cycles you can use, making it ideal for heavy use environments with a 9kg capacity and a super quick 45 minute cycle. Extra features include massive easy access doors and white powder coated drum.

The Huebsch LGZ37 drier we have available can deal with large quantities quickly and efficiently and is ideal for large households or smaller hospitality locations. Whereas the super stylish and streamlined Samsung DV431AEP Dryer is a professional 10kg dryer, with 13 cycles and five dryness settings, making it the perfect versatile appliance for any busy establishment.


Commercial Washing Machines

We supply a comprehensive selection of commercial washing machines to cater for all needs from the smallest laundry service to the larger commercial outlet. Our washing machines come in a wide range of capacities and business focused features, from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Washing Machines

Our stylish yet robust commercial washing machines are designed to give you flexibility, capacity and performance all in one, coping with even the busiest demands of a commercial laundry, with up to 14kg capacity.

Advanced features include eco-friendly cycles, infection control technology and rigid mount or free-standing options. Easy to use programmes make them simple and efficient to use, taking the stress out of everyday washing and saving your business money on energy and water bills so big loads don’t need to be a big problem. Variable programme settings, spin and rinse settings, mean the machines are extremely versatile, with the assurance for delivering excellent wash results over and over again.

The stylish solid construction and stainless steel drum ensure a durable build and enable the machine to deal with heavy wash loads. With large door opening and high-spec components you can enjoy heavy-duty reliability and ease-of-use hour after hour.
Every commercial business should think about buying one for both practical and financial reasons. All our commercial washing machines specialise in being both energy efficient & money-saving. Our wide range of washing machines available caters for every kind of commercial laundry requirement. Take the hassle out of washing numerous loads per day and purchase yours today.

Commercial Plate Warmers

A plate warmer is used to ensure that your plates are warm prior to serving food from your commercial kitchen.

Plate Warmers

There is nothing worse than serving a hot meal on a cold plate, not only is it not great for the customer to receive their meal on a cold plate, serving food on a cold plate actually speeds the cooling of the food on the plate. Plate warmers are a great device for keeping plates warm which in turn keeps the food warm whilst serving.

A plate warmer is definitely one of those items that should be on the list of must haves for any café or restaurant that runs a commercial kitchen.

The Buffalo D637 plate warmer we stock is perfect for any kitchen. It has a stainless steel frame with a capacity of up to 36 plates. It has two compartments so can it can be kept stocked at all times, crucial for those busy food serving times of the day. With an adjustable thermostat from 20 degrees centigrade right up to 90 degrees centigrade, you can keep the plates as warm as you need; the light indicator shows you exactly when your desired plate temperature has been reached. This great value plate warmer, and is available with one year back parts to base parts and labour warranty.

Every restaurant, cafe and hotel should think about buying a plate warmer for both practical and financial reasons. We have a superb range of commercial plate warmers available from leading brands.

Hotel Room Fridges

A Hotel fridge is the perfect storage option to keep drinks and food stocked in their optimum surroundings in individual hotel rooms.

Hotel Fridges

We have a superb high performance hotel fridges available from leading brand Polar which prides itself on quality and service. It comes in a sleek and dynamic design and is the perfect chilled unit for hotel rooms, redefining the hotel in-room convenience refrigerator.

Hotel refrigeration systems can have powerful benefits for any business and every hotel should think about buying one for both practical and financial reasons. It offers benefits for both guests and hotels, hotels are now able to offer guests the amenity they ask for, offering the customer an option to purchase on tap in their own room, whilst also offering the caterer the potential to increase sales. They are ideal for hotels and other establishments that require a Mini bar or self-catering service.

This attractive silent 30 litre capacity hotel fridge by Polar is a non-distracting refrigerated storage appliance for any hotel room, and is available today at the unbeatable price of £139.99.

It is equipped with inbuilt thermostat, which means operating temperature can be pre-set or changed by hotel, and customer, dependent on requirements, with a temperature range of 0 – 8 degrees Celsius.

Extra features include an automatic defrost function to ensure precise monitoring and control of internal temperatures, preventing any ice build-up and creating the optimum serving temperature for drinks and food produce at all times. Replaceable seals and lockable doors ensure maintenance and enhanced security.

Further features include an easy-cleaning ABS interior. It has the ability to be freestanding or built-in and comes complete with two shelves and two door racks for a multitude of storage options.

Vacuum Pack Machines

Vacuum packing machines are great for commercial kitchen use. Vacuum packing food sucks all the oxygen out of the packing. This in turn makes foods last 3 to 5 times longer and preserves it appearance because microorganisms grow at a much slower rate inside a vacuum seal.

Vacuume Pack Machines

You can reduce the amount of food wastage and save money by vacuum packing many foods such as vegetables, fish, meat and much more. For kitchens that plan to regularly vacuum pack food purchasing a vacuum pack machine will be an investment worthwhile.
Vacuum packing can be used to store dry foods over a long period of time such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, coffee and smoked fishes. On a shorter term vacuum packing can be used to store fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables, meats and liquids. Having a vacuum packing machine allows you to prepare food the night before during busy periods; many vacuum packs are suitable for freezing, microwaving and boiling.

Our range of commercial vacuum packing machines includes the popular Buffalo brand, with a selection of models designed to meet all of your commercial requirements. The Buffalo DM065 is an automatic vacuum pack system ideal for ideal for prolonging food life, freshness and reducing food wastage.

The Buffalo GF457 Automatic vacuum pack machine allows vacuum packing of delicate items without crushing on the canister function while the Buffalo CD581 is a durable and practical easy to use vacuum machine that can seal up to 15 litres of food and liquids. It comes complete with digital sensors that measure and display the vacuum level.

We stock a variety of Vacuum Pack Machines all a great prices!

Pasta Boilers

Pasta boilers

Pasta boilers are the perfect way to serve your customers perfect pasta every time, they prevent pasta from over cooking and becoming too sloppy whilst also preventing it from being undercooked and raw. Pasta boilers prevent these problems by automating the process of pasta preparation; they are the catering world’s ultimate secret to al dente!
Particularly ideal for Italian takeaways, restaurants and cafes, pasta boilers are able to prepare high volumes of pasta and then divide as required, offering you a wider menu scope whilst also enabling you to cook for larger capacities.

With cooking and warming times from seconds to minutes pasta boilers have a range that can cover virtually any pasta product, they use a variety of stainless steel baskets so all types of pasta and spaghetti can be cooked. They are simple to use in that all you need to do is simply fill with water and add the required basket configuration.

Thermostatic control precisely regulates the boiling level and optimizes energy consumption whilst offering a wide range of temperatures so you can vary the power accordingly to ensure pasta dishes are cooked perfectly every time.

Built to last, they feature corrosion resistant elements and boil dry protection, and come equipped with drain and overflow to avoid dangerous eruptions. The boilers provide a versatile and useful addition to any commercial kitchen.

We offer them in either gas or electric powered models to suit any type of establishment, with the choice of counter top or free standing units, whilst some models even double up as a steamer and bain marie.

All models come in a sleek compact design and are constructed with high quality grade stainless steel tanks so are built for long term use and high water capacities. Additionally they are made for easy cleaning with removable tanks and dishwasher safe components. Available with single or double tanks and perforated baskets, our entire range of pasta boilers deliver a high volume of pasta quickly and efficiently.

Designed for the professional caterer, our pasta boilers from top manufactures allow for heavy-duty usage and high output.



On a daily basis, the kitchen worktops will be used more than any other aspect of a commercial kitchen. They require the greatest level of durability and have the greatest impact on the eye. When considering durability Lincats’ worktops cannot be beaten. We offer a range of Lincat Worktops, with an option of drawers and all at very competitive prices.

The worktops provide useful work space delivering the quality and extra capacity you need in a busy commercial kitchen. From preparing and cooking food, your worktops should be able to endure any activity, that’s why our worktops are strong, durable, and constructed from fully welded stainless steel. They are built with resistance to heat, water, chemicals, scratches, and stains for longevity of life.

The high sheen stainless steel means they are built for easy cleaning whereby spills are wiped up quickly and effortlessly whilst also having a stylish appearance in your kitchen. Extra features include rubber feet for added safety measures.

We supply a variety of sizes to suit any pocket, width sizes varying from a compact 300mm to as much as 700mm.

Our worktops provide reliable, heavy duty, flexible and stylish solutions to the busy catering industry with value for money making allowing the user optimum use of available kitchen space. The Lincat brand is renowned for outstanding product reliability whilst also offering exceptional quality and value.

Purchase a worktop from us today with prices ranging from as little as £79 to £238. They are bound to bring organization into even the busiest of kitchens.

Electric Boiling Tops

Electric boiling tops

These large square hot plates maximise any cooking area. Ranging from heavy duty six plate models to small one plate counter top models, our electric boiling tops are ideal for kitchens that need additional hob capacity when space is limited.

Boiling tops provide maximum efficiency as you can just simply plug in and cook with this hassle free and space saving appliance when time is of the essence. They are energy efficient and are able to heat up a pan in seconds, providing a high speed of rapid heat up.
They feature variable heat control via user friendly front-positioned temperature controls for each hotplate. A larger number of hot plates enable the user to cook several foods at any one time whilst simmer-stat temperature control ensures accurate temperature control at all times.

We stock a large range of electric commercial boiling tops including brands such as Lincat and Burco, with models ranging from 1, 2, 4 and 6 hot plates to suit even the busiest of kitchens.

All of our electric boiling tops feature automatic power reduction if a pan is removed or boils dry, to prolong hotplate life and save energy. Extra features include fully pressed and sealed hob tops which collect spillages and also make use of easy cleaning.

The compact, light duty, low-profile design of the boiling tops gives a comfortable working height when used on a worktop and the non-slip feet enable safety of the product.
Suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafés, fast food outlets, schools and takeaways electric boiling tops are a fast and efficient way to maximise cooking areas in any kitchen.