Back Bar Bottle Coolers

Back bar refrigeration systems can have powerful benefits for any business. These high performance refrigerated display counters come in sleek dynamic designs and are the perfect chilled display unit for any catering business, or even for the use in your own home if you serve any type of drink below room temperature.


They are equipped with fully automatic integral temperature controllers, forced air cooling and automatic defrost functions ensure precise monitoring and control of internal temperatures, creating the optimum serving temperature for drinks at all times. Replaceable seals and lockable doors ensure the perfect temperature is maintained.

They provide high stock visibility to customers and staff with interior display lights, and adjustable shelves accommodate different height and sized bottles whilst adjustable feet ensure the bottle cooler remains even on unlevel floors.

Bottle coolers come in a variety of sizes to suit any capacity requirements; storing anything from 100 bottles to over 250 bottles they are suitable for any size of establishment. They come in hinged door versions to sliding door versions and single cabinets, double or even triple units and are available in a range of colours and stainless steel finishes to compliment any interior.

Bottle coolers are the very best in cooling technology, making it ideal for storing all types of beer and wine they are by far the best showcase option for bottled and canned drinks in restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and many more.

We stock a wide range of back bar bottle coolers manufactured by top brands such as Apollo, Lec, Polar and many more.

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By Philip Wearmouth