With summer just around the corner it is the perfect time to purchase yourself a high quality barbecue. We have a large selection of commercial barbecues to choose from – if you prefer the all-round traditional method of barbecuing and that sought after smoky authentic taste then we have a number of charcoal barbecues on offer. If its convenience and easy-use you are after then we also have a superb range of commercial gas barbecues available. We cover folding barbecues, hooded barbecues and a range of commercial barbecue accessories including clip on side tables for added versatility.


Our high end range of durable barbecues are perfect for anyone in the catering environment, including pubs and restaurants, hotels and holiday parks. They are the perfect piece of equipment for outdoor catering and events.

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a commercial barbecue. The heavy duty stainless steel construction means they are robust, reliable and built for use in the commercial industry. The powerful output means fast turnover of food, some of our larger models are able to output up to 560 burgers per hour. Chrome plated frames mean durability, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance. Whereas independent and multiple grids and grill surfaces mean flexibility whilst cooking. Fitted wheels and lockable castors mean greater manoeuvrability and ensure safety when stationary. Folding barbecues reduce to a convenient size with added features of some models having removable legs for easy storage and transportation – a must for outdoor catering events.

The Crown Verity Gas Barbecue is one of our most powerful barbecues available; this heavy duty commercial barbecue grill features ten independently controlled burners giving you flexibility and versatility when cooking on mass.

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By Philip Wearmouth