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Atmospheric Steamers

Atmospheric steam cooking is extremely fast and efficient, offering the perfect solution for bulk production of healthy steamed food. They are simple to use, versatile and easy to clean. The quality capacity makes these perfect for cooking most food products including vegetables, pasta, rice, meat, fish and many more.

Atmospheric Stemers

With atmospheric steaming, moist heat is introduced and circulated in a continuous flow to ensure fast and thorough cooking of the food placed into the chamber. The food is heated by direct conduction in contact with the steam. Because it provides a constant exchange of fresh steam, there is no transfer of flavours so different foods groups such as seafood and rice can be cooked at the same time. Steaming is a very nutritious method of cooking as food flavour, colour and nutrients are retained but no fats or oils are used. The gentle steaming process retains important nutrients so cooking fruits and vegetables by this method is extremely beneficial as it helps to retain the high vitamin content of the food. Another advantage of the atmospheric steamers is how quick food can be heated up, from cold to piping hot in as little as 15 minutes.

Extra built in features enable high performance cooking, including thermostatic control & boil dry protection, mechanical self-fill water system and quality capacity for volume production. Several different shelf positions & removable shelf supports enable the easy movement of food in and out of the chamber as well as make use of easy cleaning.

They are available in a wide variety to suit any needs, they can be powered by electricity or gas, and come in free standing or stovetop versions, offering exceptional value for money.

An atmospheric steamer is an economical & essential contribution to healthy eating and ideal for kitchens where space is a premium, making it the perfect for your catering business.