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No kitchen would be complete without an electric kettle. They make kitchen life simple and fuss free, providing hot water for drinks and beverages at the touch of a button.


Catering Appliance stock a wide selection of high quality electric kettles for the catering industry, from top manufacturers Buffalo, Dualit, Kenwood and Burco. With a wide range of stylish, heavy duty, light duty and special featured kettles we are sure to have one to suit your catering needs and requirements.

Our range of Buffalo kettles come with cordless feature so kettles can be portable and moved around once boiled. These kettles are reliable and robust, they are perfect for hotel room use, providing all around simple and satisfactory service. Special features include safety feature of automatic cut off if kettle is empty or when water is boiled, whilst ergonomic handles, water level indicators and easy to remove filters ensure this kettle is easy to clean and maintain.

Our range of modest and stylish Kenwood kettles boast functionality and simplicity. These energy efficient kettles have numbered cup graduations, allowing users to fill accurately and easily, preventing water wastage whilst saving you time and money. A simple and innovative design, these kettles are durable and long lasting.

If it’s heavy duty you are after then our range of powerful and large capacity kettles from Burco are what you need. Made from robust stainless steel, special features include ergonomically designed black molded handles, non-slip feet and detachable power cord, making these kettles more than convenient for the busy commercial kitchen. With 2 litre capacities and heating time as little as 5 minutes you can’t go wrong.

Our fabulous range of Dualit kettles are classic, stylish and efficient. These traditional dome shaped kettles speak for themselves; the cordless feature, oversized easy pour spout and heatproof handle all contribute to making these kettles a stylish investment to any kitchen.

Check out our vast range of amazing quality kettles today.

Wine and Champagne Buckets

Whether you are a restaurant, bar, club or any other business in the hospitality sector you will be sure to need a wine and champagne bucket to chill, display and serve your bottles from. We have an array of good quality wine and champagne buckets including stylish, curved designs or streamline, classic shaped buckets to suit any décor.

wine coolers

Chill, aerate and pour your beverages at the optimum temperature straight from a bucket. Buckets display your wine and champagne impressively and also help to keep it at its optimum temperature for several hours.

Made from durable materials they help easily transport bottles to tables and provide a means to store them whilst customers enjoy the bottle. They are stackable for easy storage and lifting, whereas the handles are made for easy lifting – making these buckets as practical as they are stylish. They can also be used for boating, picnics or simply home entertaining.

We stock a variation of colour, style and sizes so you can purchase the right sized buckets for your business needs. We have a selection of clear acrylic buckets, or you can make an impact with our black acrylic versions. These simple and classic designs are sleek and commercial and bring elegance to any table top attire. You can also show off your champagne in style with our highly polished stainless steel buckets – a timeless addition to any establishment. We also stock a range of stands to hold the buckets in, ideal for the ultimate luxury display.

For flawless champagne and wine etiquette it is essential to have wine and champagne. Our range will be sure to inject a level of luxury and class to any setting.

Commercial Juicers

Juicers are not just any ordinary kitchen appliance they are a whole new outlook on life. Extracting juice from fruits and vegetables they provide a delicious and nutritious juice for you and your customers, giving your immune system and body a super-dose of vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


These compact and convenient machines are an enjoyable and sufficient way to pack vital nutrients into a tasty and vitamin boosted juice, either for the health conscious and fitness fanatics or for those that just want to increase their fresh fruit and vegetable intake, juicers can be enormously beneficial for your health and business.

There are a hundreds of juicing recipes and juices to try, mix up your own combinations or you can cater for specific customer needs or special dietary requirements.

Easy to use you simply slice up the fruit and vegetables and place it in the juicer, then high speed and powerful motors extract the juice from the fruit. Pulp containers help extract all pulp and fibre from the fruits so you are left with smooth, frothy and extremely tasty juice.
Added features include drip trays to keep work tops clean, low noise displays which mean they can be displayed front of house, variable speed motors for both soft and hard fruits and removable stainless steel baskets for easy cleaning. Whether its wheatgrass, green vegetables, root vegetables or fruit, you name it, these quiet, powerful and durable machines can juice it.

We stock a wide variety of juicers for both domestic and commercial use; The Santos K275 Classic Citrus Juicer we stock delivers hassle-free juicing in a fraction of the time to fit with the demands of the modern kitchen.

With healthy eating and lifestyles on the rise juicers are a sought after piece of equipment in the catering world and kitchens. So purchase one today.

Commercial Coffee Grinders

Freshly ground coffee beans provide a bold taste that meets even the highest standards of coffee lovers around. Grinding the coffee beans just before brewing the coffee ensures a robust flavour and delivers that distinct and delicious aroma. Making and selling excellent coffee in a commercial setting requires quality equipment that’s why here at Catering appliance we cover a wide range of coffee grinders so you can grind your own coffee beans and produce some of the best tasting coffee all on your own premises.

coffee grinders

Whether it be a fine end coffee grinder you are after that can produce fine coffee on mass, or a basic grinder for a small café, we stock a range to suit any pocket. With outputs of 25kg of coffee per hour and special features including grind adjustment so you can control grind size, our coffee grinder range is hard to beat.

Any kind of coffee bean can be used in the grinders so you can cater to most taste buds, including exotic blend, Columbian blend, caffeinated, decaffeinated and many more. We also stock both types of models, those that grind with blades and those that grind with burr’s.

For a constant supply of fresh grounded coffee why not check out The Santos Coffee Grinder 55RA – CF601, an automatic coffee grinder which dispenses the exact amount of coffee directly into the filter eliminating the need for a dispenser. This easy use and a quiet running machine is easy to clean and maintain, making it more than ideal for bars, hotels and restaurants. Made from aluminium and stainless steel it is built for commercial use with an output of 25kg per hour.

Produce the perfect cup of coffee with one of our grinders today.