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Commercial Coffee Grinders

Freshly ground coffee beans provide a bold taste that meets even the highest standards of coffee lovers around. Grinding the coffee beans just before brewing the coffee ensures a robust flavour and delivers that distinct and delicious aroma. Making and selling excellent coffee in a commercial setting requires quality equipment that’s why here at Catering appliance we cover a wide range of coffee grinders so you can grind your own coffee beans and produce some of the best tasting coffee all on your own premises.

coffee grinders

Whether it be a fine end coffee grinder you are after that can produce fine coffee on mass, or a basic grinder for a small café, we stock a range to suit any pocket. With outputs of 25kg of coffee per hour and special features including grind adjustment so you can control grind size, our coffee grinder range is hard to beat.

Any kind of coffee bean can be used in the grinders so you can cater to most taste buds, including exotic blend, Columbian blend, caffeinated, decaffeinated and many more. We also stock both types of models, those that grind with blades and those that grind with burr’s.

For a constant supply of fresh grounded coffee why not check out The Santos Coffee Grinder 55RA – CF601, an automatic coffee grinder which dispenses the exact amount of coffee directly into the filter eliminating the need for a dispenser. This easy use and a quiet running machine is easy to clean and maintain, making it more than ideal for bars, hotels and restaurants. Made from aluminium and stainless steel it is built for commercial use with an output of 25kg per hour.

Produce the perfect cup of coffee with one of our grinders today.