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Chef Clothing

Chef Clothing

At catering appliance we have a wide range of professional chef clothing to choose from for you and your staff at affordable prices. We cover everything from chef jackets, hats and trousers to children’s aprons to keep you protected and well prepared in the catering environment.

Look impeccable and stylish with our high quality uniforms and ensure you and your staff are safe in the kitchen at all times. Our range is stylish, comfortable and durable, with specialized lightweight materials and innovative designs to keep chefs cool whilst working in hot kitchens – they act not only as uniforms but also ensure added protection. Chef uniforms allow for easier cleaning, ensuring effective removal of stains and that your kitchen and staff comply with regulations.

Our extensive range of chef clothing is sourced from top brands including Chef Works and Whites Chefs Apparel, so you can be guaranteed of the quality you are buying.

If it is personal preference you are after when it comes to chef clothing then you’re sure to find what you are looking for, we offer a huge range of sizes, colours and styles to suit any level of food service including smart and practical, to high end fine dining establishments with our signature range. Our chef clothing ensures ultimate comfort with modern innovation including Velcro adjustments, polycotton construction and cool ventilation – allowing heat to escape and cool air in for all day comfort in the kitchen.

If its colour you are after for your staff the Colour by Chef Works ¾ length range of jackets made from light weight durable material cover almost any spectrum of the rainbow and will be sure to add a contemporary touch to your kitchen.

Having the right chefs uniform is essential for chefs to focus on the cooking and remain cool and calm in the most hectic of environments, so cook in comfort and style with our fantastic selection that delivers optimum quality at the right price.