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Coffee Machines

Whether it is as a take away beverage or served as part of a desserts or breakfast menu at your establishment, coffee is one of the nation’s most popular beverages.

coffee machines

Coffee machines are one of the most popular coffee makers on the market today. There are many different models and types that allow establishments and customers to have any choice of coffee and other hot beverages they desire. Catering Appliance stock a large range of commercial coffee machines and equipment, whether it is light duty coffee machines at an affordable price you are after, or a specialized high end range coffee machine that does all the works for those coffee enthusiasts, we stock a range to suit all establishments and requirements.

There are many advantages to having a coffee machine on your premises, whether it is for the commercial kitchen or for your kitchen at home, serving freshly brewed coffee is next to none.

Coffee machines deliver outstanding tasting coffee on demand at any time; they can brew copious amounts of coffee making them ideal for commercial use, saving you time and money.

Special features include timers, so you can set to brew at certain times, and various settings and combination machines make this appliance a versatile piece of equipment in any kitchen. The larger machines offer a wide variety of hot beverages such as hot teas, flavoured coffees, decaf coffee; you can make espressos, lattes and cappuccinos the list is endless to add to your beverages menu!

Machines offer flexibility in coffee strength as user can alter amount of water and coffee used, styles vary from pump-driven bar systems to pod drip machines to suit any kitchen and some advanced models offer built in safety mechanisms. On top of this clean-up and maintenance is easy, ideal in the busy workplace.

The Dualit Espressivo we stock is packed with user friendly features; a stylish and easy to use espresso machine designed for the coffee lovers it delivers the ultimate coffee. The machine is ready to go in less than 40 seconds and can make coffee after coffee per the hour perfect for use in busy cafés restaurants and bars.