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Combination Microwave Ovens

A combination microwave oven is more than a necessity in the busy catering kitchens. This innovative appliance combines two heat technologies to achieve outstanding cooking results. It combines the speed of microwave cooking with the heating element of a convection oven, the microwave cooks the food from the inside and the oven browns it, making it great for warming food, cooking, roasting and baking. With the amazing ability to combine both methods of cooking into one appliance makes this a great money saving machine.

combination microwave

You will save a considerable amount of energy and money using a combination microwave oven. These ovens use less power than a regular size oven and food cooks in a fraction of the time, freeing up time for other tasks in the kitchen. With cooking times much faster than the conventional oven but the same outstanding results it’s easy to see why these are a vastly popular piece of equipment in any kitchen.

They offer more cooking options over standard microwaving, providing maximum flexibility in food preparation. With fast turnover of food this appliance can cook through batches of food per the hour making it great for high demand of food.

These well-designed appliances are a stylish addition to any kitchen. They have smooth touch controls, a selection of program options for different settings and cooking times, and a simple dial for easy program selection and cleaning – ideal for establishments where fast turnaround and ease of operation is essential.

Heavy stainless steel cavity and casings ensure longevity of life making them great value for money.

Catering Appliance stock a range of the very best combination microwave ovens, from trusted brands Merry Chef and Panasonic.

Panasonic Commercial Microwaves

Panasonic is a renowned commercial and domestic brand name that has achieved global dominance across the electrical market. The wide range of Panasonic commercial microwaves we stock all combine powerful performance with outstanding reliability; they are your assurance of total satisfaction. They are designed and manufactured to cope with the demands of busy commercial situations from heating to prime cooking; from fast food takeout’s to high calibre canteens.

Panasonic Microwaves

Panasonic commercial microwaves provide a wide scope of real benefits to the user. The sheer high quality design and superior durability of a Panasonic commercial microwave is unbeatable.

They feature a strong, high quality, fully welded stainless steel construction, which ensures they are built to make a long and lasting contribution to any kitchen. They are designed and manufactured with heavy grade hinges, door catches and stainless steel castings for unlimited usage and the high output they can achieve is remarkable. Significant in size they enable a far greater workload than the average microwave.
Easy to use controls make them quick and convenient to operate, whilst a variety of fully variable power levels ensure a fast reliable way to heat product, especially in those busy periods. Control panels feature clear control pads and information displays to ensure heating product is as simple as pushing a single button.

Its sleek, seamless design and removable shelves mean it’s easy to clean and spills are wiped up quickly and effortlessly. Where space is a premium, these ovens can also stack safely with a joining plate.

Panasonic catering equipment will always offer you exceptional quality and value – an energy efficient appliance in any kitchen.

We offer a wide range of commercial microwaves from Panasonic, an oven to fit all needs and market sectors; ranging from the light and compact 1000w to the heavy duty 3200w ranges. They are ideal for use in public houses, restaurants or staff catering establishments where consistent results and ease of operation are essential.

Commercial microwaves

In the catering world nothing beats a commercial microwave. They are one of the best, safest and most cost effective solutions around for any kitchen.

commercial microwaves

There are many benefits of purchasing a commercial microwave, the high quality design and superior durability of a commercial microwave versus a domestic microwave is unbeatable.

The quality of construction is designed for frequent and heavy use and the high power output they can achieve is remarkable; ranging from the light duty 1000 watts to the heavy duty 3200 watts.

These reliable contraptions are designed for limited usage and will not let you down – the heavy duty components enable a far greater workload. Significantly large in size, they are able to hold and cook a large amount of food at one time.

Sleek and compact, they are built with a stainless steel exterior and interior which makes cleaning up easy. Turntables ensure that the food is heated evenly so you don’t end up with food that is frozen on one side and thawed on the other.

They feature fully programmable control panels, meaning that heating times and settings can be programmed into the oven control panel. Heating product is then as simple as pushing a single button, ensuring a fast reliable way to heat product especially in busy periods. Commercial microwaves cook faster, save on energy, and their efficiency will keep energy costs down as well.

These heavy-duty machines are robust and reliable and can prove to be a lasting contribution to any kitchen.

We offer a wide range manufactured by top brands such as Merrychef, Samsung and Panasonic. With the wide variety that is available you can easily choose one that is just the right size and power for your business, suiting even the busiest of commercial kitchens.