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Commercial Oven Accessories

Any owner of a commercial oven knows just how vital they are within the commercial kitchen; they are the heart and soul of the catering business. The versatility and flexibility of the oven is remarkable and it is therefore no surprise that there is an array of additional commercial oven accessories available to help tailor these ovens to suit your precise requirements. We stock a wide range of commercial oven accessories including stacking kits, finishing systems, oven stands, oven racks and oven rails that can enhance your commercial ovens functionality.

commercial oven accessories

We offer commercial oven combi-duo stacking kits to enable the full and efficient use of the commercial oven stacking abilities and all at competitive prices. You can purchase the Lincat OCA8302 Combi-Duo stacking kit model 61E-G on 61E-101E standard with rollers for as little as £571.00 from us today.

By far the most talked about accessory is the commercial oven finishing system; a new dimension to food preparation it makes even the largest of banquets a hassle free motion. It enables food to be cooked and then stored and chilled in special mobile plate racks until required. Shortly before serving, the food is finished in the finishing system, regenerated perfectly and ready to go to customers. Allowing chefs to prepare food well in advance in a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere and then serve it later piping hot. All our systems contain all the important accessories needed to start up a banqueting operation, consisting of a mobile plate rack which can allow up to 100 plates to be finished at any one time, insulated thermo cover to ensure food can be left in the racks and kept at the optimum temperature for up to 20 minutes, and a transport trolley.

We also offer robust stainless steel commercial grade oven racks in numerous different sizes to suit any size of oven, they are durable, easy to clean and flexible to suit any model of oven; a huge accessory for any commercial oven when it comes to serving large volumes of plates of food.

Another accessory not to be forgotten is our sturdy stainless steel commercial oven stands with adjustable feet that are specifically designed to be heavy duty, food safe and offer an ideal working height for the commercial oven in the busy kitchen.

We also know how important it is that commercial ovens deserve some tender love and care every now and again so we also stock a wide range of specially developed care products to keep your ovens sparkling clean. Our wide range of heavy duty cleaning agents, tablets and de-scalers will help to ensure that your ovens are not just hygienically clean but are maintained in the best possible condition too, delivering intensive cleaning power without damaging the oven.