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Commercial Water Boilers

Commercial water boilers are a convenient piece of equipment in the busy commercial kitchen saving you time and money. They are energy efficient hot water systems ideal for large domestic properties and commercial applications such as hotels, canteens, restaurants and hospitals, providing a constant supply of hot water for your customers and staff.

commercial water boilers

Manufactured to the highest standards, our range of commercial water boilers are constructed of stainless steel construction ensuring heavy duty use and longevity of life. They are well insulated for minimal heat-loss and energy use, other features include electronically controlled for constant temperatures and quiet running so it can fit discreetly into any canteen. They are easy to install, use and clean and meet the most stringent safety standards.

With our wide choice of models, every catering establishment can benefit from a reliable supply of piping hot water every day. We stock a variety of compact wall mount models, or under counter models – so it can sit neatly underneath your countertops when space is limited, all at great prices. They come in a wide range of capacities from 5ltr to 31ltr and variable power loadings to suit every pocket. They can fill large quantities of cups per the hour and heat up water in rapid time.

Ensure that high quality hot water is always available at your establishment with the Burco Wall Mount Autofill Water Boiler; a premium quality auto fill water boiler with a 7.5ltr capacity ideal for any busy catering environment. It boasts a powerful 3kW heating element for rapid heat up, easy-use touch screen and non-drip plastic tap. This particular model has the astounding ability to dispense 31 litres hot water per hour.

Under Counter Hot Water Dispensers

More than just a faucet, it provides instant hot water at your fingertips, perfect for the constant flow of tea and hot drinks, making it an absolute necessity for all catering institutions.

Under counter water dispensers

The stylish stainless steel tap provides a constant supply of boiling water from an under-counter unit. It sits elegantly on your sink whilst the hot water tank sits conveniently under it making it the perfect complement to your kitchen. The unit refills itself, meaning a limitless supply of hot water is available on demand. Water comes up from your supply line to the large capacity stainless steel tank where it is heated. As water is dispensed, fresh water flows into the tank and the cycle continues. The incoming water is heated as it enters the container so that it only dispenses water at the necessary temperature and any steam generated is retained within the unit. It’s that simple.

They come in a wide range of capacities from 7ltr to 40ltr and power loadings of 3kw to 7.5 kw to suit every pocket.

These stylish chrome and stainless steel dispensers are ideal in areas with a high demand for boiling water. They can fill large quantities of cups per the hour. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, staff canteens, hospitals and many more. Flexible and versatile, an under counter hot water dispenser is a convenient part of any busy commercial kitchen saving you time and money.

Other features include an all stainless steel construction providing robustness and longevity of life, its quiet running pump means it can fit discreetly into any canteen whilst the sleek tap makes it perfect for locations where counter top space is limited. It can be programmable to dispense a measured volume or to deliver on demand, and is electronically controlled for constant temperatures.

We stock a variety of Under Counter Hot Water Dispensers all at great prices.