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Gas doughnut fryers

Donuts are one of the nation’s favourite treats. For freshly baked delicious donuts on your premises look no further than Catering Appliance for great value gas doughnut fryers. Join thousands of bakery, retail and concession doughnut operators to deliver mouth-watering donuts with our amazing range of gas doughnut fryers from Lincat.

Doughnut fryers

Gas doughnut fryers offer the flexibility to make any doughnut; plain or fancy to suit any requirements, whether it be a traditional glazed ring or a fancy show stopping doughnut with all the trimmings – you can add a whole variety to your menu.

Perfect for high turnover these fryers have a capacity of frying up to 108 average size doughnuts per the hour. Constructed for the catering industry they are made of high quality stainless steel, making them robust and reliable so you are guaranteed a doughnut fryer that will serve you for years and years.

Compact and easy to use this piece of equipment will easily fit into any sized establishment, with its sleek and stylish steel exterior it is perfect for front of house and counter top. They are supplied with two frying trays and draining shelf for ease of operation whilst an inbuilt thermostat maintains the required temperature.

Added features include front oil drain tap for safe, easy drainage, ensuring clean oil saving you time and money. Whilst Safety features include flame failure device and top temperature cut-out.

For catering professionals who seek energy-efficiency and delicious donuts each and every time, then Lincat gas powered fryers are your answer, purchase from Catering Appliance today.