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Filtration Units

Commercial kitchen ventilation properly designed, manufactured and installed is an essential part of every catering kitchen environment. They are great value solutions for the removal and control of high outputs of airborne pollutants such as cooking odours, heat, and grease generated from cooking processes, dishwasher systems and other kitchen equipment in the modern day busy commercial kitchen.

Filtration Units

These extraction systems are designed to provide the extraction levels necessary to comply with building regulations, such as helping to remove carbon monoxide gasses produced from the combustion process when cooking using gas appliances. Ventilation systems enable busy kitchens to function efficiently and safely and also provide a comfortable working place for your staff.

We offer two sizes of filtration units at very competitive prices, both of which are manufactured by Lincat, the market leader in fume filtration for small food service outlets, ideal for any catering environment.

We offer the Lincat L3 Fume Filtration Unit at a low price of £778.00. This model has powerful centrifugal fans that pull cooking fumes through a double bank filtration system, extra features include a three part filtration system and inbuilt overheat and fire protection. Then at £974.00 we have the larger version of this available; the Lincat L4 for the larger catering establishments.

Both these high quality and robust air cleaners offer a high quality solution to smoke, fume and grease reduction along with easy access for cleaning and filter maintenance via a hinged top panel. Why not purchase yours today.