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Shot and Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail and Shot Glasses

With the ever-growing popularity of cocktails and shots, they are always a wise choice to include on your menu. Having the right glasses on hand for these drinks will not only impress guests, but will also reflect well on your establishment. We have a variety of styles and sizes each designed for specific cocktails and shots, or for multi purpose use. Glass-washer safe and durable they are built for the busy day-to-day catering industry.

We stock well-known brands such as Utopia and Olympia, available in various boxes of multiples these signature styles are a popular choice for catering services.

Wide rim glasses are perfect for sipping strong cocktails; the Olympia Bar Collection Martini Glasses we offer for £14.29 are a timeless and elegant crystal glassware collection that adds a modern touch to any business. A stemmed glass with a wide conical bowl, the stem allows the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature whilst the fluted design makes them ideal for many other 275ml cocktails too.

Larger in size our Margarita glasses are specially designed for that tequila based cocktail, making them ideal for placing cocktail decorations and garnishes. The Olympia GF730 Margarita glasses we stock offer a stylish and functional purpose at an affordable price. They can also be used for a variety of frozen cocktails, such as Daiquiris and even as a chilled dessert glass.

We also stock a great range of shot glasses ranging from 25ml-70 ml in volume, tiny and sturdy in build they are perfect for shooters, slammers and any other hard liquor drunk straight up.

Our collection of cocktail and shot glasses are aimed at any establishment that requires classic, practical and durable products at competitive price points, whilst maintaining high quality and maximum elegance in the workplace.