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Kebab Machines

Kebab Machines are designed and manufactured for the modern fast food outlet. They provide an economical, simple and fast way to cook kebabs even in the busiest of environments.

Kebab Machines

The simple operation of these machines makes them ideal for fast food outlets, take-aways and restaurants and they are suitable for most kebab food products including chicken, mutton, beef, tofu and many more.

There are many advantages to these machines, with a safe and reliable rotating system; they are a reliable and easy-to-service machine, needing little attendance unless serving the customer. Made from the finest materials, its robust construction ensures a high capacity at low operating cost. It is safe and easy to clean as components are easily removable and excess fat is separated and collected in a drip tray.

The machines are attractively designed, fitting into even the finest of venues and you can be sure they offer customers the highest quality in hygiene.

The wide range we stock can suit any catering business, we supply both electric and gas models, with the electric models as simple to use as plugging in, and the gas models can have 2 to 4 burners, dependent on the size and capability of the machine. With models ranging from 400mm to 800mm in build, they can hold capacities from 20kg to a whopping 50 kg of meat.

The Roller Grill GR40E – 400mm Electric Kebab Grill we stock is one of the cheapest kebab machines around, with 3 heating elements for the cooking of 20-30kg of meat it is a steal at £719.00. The bottom plate is fully hermetic so the motor is protected from any infiltration of fat and juice from the meat and comes with a removable drip tray for use of easy cleaning.

Kebab machines are an energy saving and cost-efficient investment for any fast food caterer.