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Pasta Boilers

Pasta boilers

Pasta boilers are the perfect way to serve your customers perfect pasta every time, they prevent pasta from over cooking and becoming too sloppy whilst also preventing it from being undercooked and raw. Pasta boilers prevent these problems by automating the process of pasta preparation; they are the catering world’s ultimate secret to al dente!
Particularly ideal for Italian takeaways, restaurants and cafes, pasta boilers are able to prepare high volumes of pasta and then divide as required, offering you a wider menu scope whilst also enabling you to cook for larger capacities.

With cooking and warming times from seconds to minutes pasta boilers have a range that can cover virtually any pasta product, they use a variety of stainless steel baskets so all types of pasta and spaghetti can be cooked. They are simple to use in that all you need to do is simply fill with water and add the required basket configuration.

Thermostatic control precisely regulates the boiling level and optimizes energy consumption whilst offering a wide range of temperatures so you can vary the power accordingly to ensure pasta dishes are cooked perfectly every time.

Built to last, they feature corrosion resistant elements and boil dry protection, and come equipped with drain and overflow to avoid dangerous eruptions. The boilers provide a versatile and useful addition to any commercial kitchen.

We offer them in either gas or electric powered models to suit any type of establishment, with the choice of counter top or free standing units, whilst some models even double up as a steamer and bain marie.

All models come in a sleek compact design and are constructed with high quality grade stainless steel tanks so are built for long term use and high water capacities. Additionally they are made for easy cleaning with removable tanks and dishwasher safe components. Available with single or double tanks and perforated baskets, our entire range of pasta boilers deliver a high volume of pasta quickly and efficiently.

Designed for the professional caterer, our pasta boilers from top manufactures allow for heavy-duty usage and high output.