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Cake Decoration

It’s no secret that decorating cakes is of a culinary skill but with the right utensils from Catering Appliance, cake decorating can become a stress free and enjoyable pastime. We supply a vast amount of cake decoration tools and accessories; covering everything from cake dividers and icing piping sets to icing turntables. We stock everything you need to decorate your cakes to the highest of standards.

cake decoration

Divide up your delicious cakes with ease with our cake dividers; small, simple and smart these dividers perfectly slice 14-16 equal pieces of cake – the perfect piece of equipment for optimum professionalism.

Our piping dispensers and tubes offer innovative solutions to garnishing, filling and decorating cakes with pastes, creams and mousses. They enable simple, fast and accurate skill when time is precious. The De Buyer Le Tube Piping Dispenser we have available comes with removable, interchangeable nozzles, flexible syringe system and has a 0.75Ltr capacity.

The Matfer Duo Decorating Tube Set is the ultimate inspiration for confectioners and cooks; it has 4 assorted tubes and offers exceptional results. Easy to assemble and clean, it comes supplied in a storage box that also comes with a recipe book. All from £109.99.
If it’s piping bags you are after then we offer standard, anti-slip, disposable and coloured bags from trusted brand Thermohauser. Smooth interior and tip aid easy and effortless piping, and the large quantities make for commercial and heavy-duty use.

Our vast amount of icing bags and tubes cover all styles of icing and decorating, we have tubes to cover fine ornamental work and extra fine icing – to suit even the most delicate of culinary tasks.

Indulge in our cake decoration utensils today and make your cakes stand out from the crowd.