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Popcorn makers

Popcorn makers are fast becoming a popular choice in the catering industry. Although popcorn makers are commonly seen in cinemas and theatres they are fast becoming present in festivals, carnivals and many other catering events. There is nothing more inviting than the smell of freshly popped popcorn; it’s still the go to snack with low fat benefits and an abundance of flavours, resulting in overflowing boxes of popcorn, with the potential to be sold in almost any establishment.

popcorn makers

Having your own popcorn maker transforms a natural kernel into a healthy and delicious snack. Commercial popcorn makers are built to supply on a much larger scale than a domestic popcorn maker, ensuring you meet popular demand and customer satisfaction with perfect popcorn each and every serving. They are designed to save time and labor with their ease of use, and high quality features such as hardwearing components which result in long-term quality operation. Not only durable they are easy to transport too, making them ideal for concession stands, fairs, stadiums and movie theaters.

Simple to use, all you need to do is pour in the raw kernels and switch on, the motor heats up and stirs the kernels until they pop into fluffy and delicious corn.

The 8oz JM Posner Popcorn Maker we stock for the affordable price of £369.96 is built for commercial use with a 860W power output, easy to use it can pop corn continually at a consistent heat and heat up time is as little as 5 minutes. Added features include a removable bottom tray to easily dispose of un-popped kernels. We also stock numerous popcorn maker accessories including the DK868 popcorn cart for ease of maneuverability when around guests or at outdoor catering events, on top of this we stock a wide variety of popcorn seasonings including both sweet and savory to suit many taste buds.

Making popcorn in a popcorn machine means you will benefit from the incredible taste and quality, be able to flavor popcorn as you or your customers wish, and pump out freshly made popcorn on mass. A winner all round this appliance is sure to be an investment to any venue.