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Foster Refrigeration


In refrigeration, one name has always led the way. Foster Refrigerator, the UK market leader, manufactures a wide range of award-winning commercial fridges and commercial freezers for the foodservice, bakery and retail industries.

The innovative foodservice refrigeration product range includes refrigerated storage cabinets and counters, freezer storage cabinets and counters, blast chillers and blast freezers, food preparation refrigeration, multideck display chillers, ice makers, water coolers, walk-in coldrooms, temperature monitoring and refrigeration equipment specially developed for the professional baker.

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The EcoPro G2 Range has been built from the ground up to include over 50 new features and innovations!

Foster EP1/2L

You know the importance of excellence. You are judged on the quality of your food and service.

Customer satisfaction is everything, and we can help you deliver that to the best possible standard. A fridge shouldn’t just store chilled food – it should preserve every last ounce of food quality, after all it is fresh and tasty ingredients that create incredible food. Ensure your food gets the best treatment with the Foster EcoPro G2.

EcoPro G2 Cabinets are built to out perform and out last other products. Their combination of cutting edge refrigeration technology, low running costs and reliability make them the first choice for the foodservice professional.

Every stage from design, manufacture, cabinet running costs, right through to recycling is focused on saving you money whilst at the same time saving miles and miles worth of carbon emissions but never compromising on our commitment to food safety.

Meet your sustainability targets and reduce your running costs with the energy efficient, low carbon, cheap to run EcoPro G2 range.

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Foster XR10

Foster’s UK market leading position has been built on producting and supplying products that are not reliable, dependable, robust and innovative. Now these attributes are available to you in an affordable new range from Foster.

The xtra range has been cleverly designed to provide a solution that meets your refrigeration requirements on a budget. Available at a competitive price, the range includes a suite of value-for-money cabinets, counters and blast chillers, offering reliable products you can depend on.

All models come with 2 year parts & labour warranty. Various Accessories and add-ons available at additional cost.

For more information on these products and any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01539 620 400 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back you as soon as we can.

Hoshizaki Ice Machines


With over 60 years of experience in the commercial kitchen equipment and food service markets, Hoshizaki is a global market leader.

Hoshizaki has rightfully gained an international reputation for sustainable innovation, durability and reliability. Now is the time to invest in one of the best brands on the market.


Hoshizaki’s wide range of Hoshizaki Ice Makers caters for a host of requirements and they have developed innovative solutions that are tailored to the demands of a wide range of locations and operations.

The unique IM series range of Hoshizaki Ice Machines is designed with hygiene as a priority. Each ice cycle is made with fresh water, ensuring only hte highest quality of ice is produced. This is particularly important for ice to be used in premium beverages like cocktails, as it protects the integrity and flavour of the drink.

The KM range produce clear, crescent shaped ice. The unique shape is extremely versatile and extends from the splash-free serving of post mix soft drinks through to diverse applications such as fish transportation, display and even laser therapy.

The FM series produce flake/nugget ice, with the nugget ice compressed during production to make it long lasting. The flake and nugget ice is popular for a variety of cooling purposes including the display of fish and fresh produce, and also in the medical world for cooling blood and organs!


All models come with 2 year parts & labour warranty. Various Accessories and add-ons available at additional cost.

For more information on these products and any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01539 620 400 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back you as soon as we can.

Blast Chillers

A valued appliance in the commercial kitchen this machine helps to store and preserve food, ensuring safety and quality of the food product but not compromising on taste, appearance and nutritional quality of the produce.

Blast Chillers

Unlike standard refrigerators it can cool both cooked and fresh food rapidly by circulating very cold air over it, reducing the temperatures of cooked food within minutes so it is safe for storage and later consumption. They are perfect for both large and small businesses that need to chill and freeze their produce.

Catering Appliance offer a fantastic range of blast chillers from top manufactures Polar, Sterling, Foster and Gram in under counter and free standing units. From simple and sturdy designs to heavy duty large capacity units that can hold up to 20kgs, we have a blast chiller that can cater to your requirements.

Blast chillers can help you increase organisation in the kitchen, they help separate cooking from serving, saving time in busy periods as you can store and preserve large quantities of freshly cooked food safely for use at a later date, with food tasting as fresh as it did the day it was made. Cooking in bulk and storing has never been easier.

They are made from tough stainless steel ideal in the busy catering environment, with thick insulation to ensure great thermal efficiency units can chill food from + 70 degrees centigrade to + 3 in as little as 90 minutes.

Designed for performance and ease of use, they are simple to use, with some models featuring self-closing doors for maximum efficiency and easy-touch control panels with cycle selections.

For a reliable and robust solution for the rapid chilling and freezing of freshly cooked food a blast chiller is a certified investment for any catering business, offering a very safe method of cooling food quickly, minimising bacterial growth and overall optimal preservation of food quality.

Commercial Ice Crushers

In the commercial industry large pounds of ice to crush can become a tedious and time consuming task but with the use of a commercial ice crusher you can crush big ice blocks in minutes. A much valued appliance in the commercial kitchen they break large blocks of ice and crush them for the use in cocktails, soft drinks and juices in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafés and many other catering establishments.

Ice Crushers

There are numerous features and benefits to purchasing an ice crusher, these large capacity crushers are made up of high quality durable materials such as stainless steel, so they are guaranteed to last a lifetime in the commercial kitchen, delivering outstanding results every time. The most important part of the crusher is the steel blade; heavy duty steel blades and powerful motors are incorporated so as to facilitate the large ice crushing within minutes. Wide mouthed feed tubes make it easy to feed ice blocks into the machine and large containers store the crushed ice so it can be used as and when required. They help your business keep costs down as you can purchase ice in bulk instead of ready cut ice, whereas the stylish designs mean they are easy on the eye so can be used both front and back of house.

We stock both types of crushers, manual and electric to suit any requirements. Our manual ice crushers are easily portable making them good for outdoor events and domestic use. The electric ice crushers we stock are ideal for large commercial activities, they are fast and reliable, simply plug in feed the ice through and switch on the machine. Once all the ice in the feeder is crushed, the machine stops on its own so there is no need to monitor the Ice. The Santos ice crusher we stock has a capacity of up to 3kgs per minute and features both fine and coarse crush choice.

All the ice crushers we stock are safe to use and of outstanding performance. We also stock a wide range of ice crusher accessories, including ice buckets and tongs

Commercial Serve over Counters

Serve Over Counters

Serve over counters also known as deli counters and fridge counters to many are the perfect addition to any catering establishment who would like to display fresh produce and sandwiches at front of house.

The commercial serve over counters can come in a variety of sizes, options and specifications. The extremely favourable Zoin Melody GG471 model is a refrigerated serve over counter designed for delicatessen and food items such as sausages, cheese and meat. The built in refrigeration system is of the highest quality, providing a constant temperature throughout the interior. There is also an area of lower cool storage are the rear of the unit.

Another great Zoin Serve over counter is the Zoin Harmony GG462 model. These ventilated refrigerated display cabinets are ideal for displaying cakes and sandwiches. They come with sliding doors at the rear of the unit, which makes it easy to access for serving.

Our range of commercial serve over counters includes popular brands and models designed to meet all of your commercial requirements. Catering Appliance Superstore is proud to be delivering the best value in today’s food service marketplace.

Commercial Fridges

We stock a large range of commercial refrigeration equipment including wine and back bar bottle coolers, commercial chest freezers, counter top freezers, heavy duty upright commercial fridges and specialised fridges for meat and fish. Available from leading brands and they come in a range of styles ready to benefit your food service business.

All the refrigeration equipment we sell is instrumental to any food service that has a necessity to handle large amounts of food storage on a regular basis and will bring lots of benefits to the operation of your business.


A wine cooler is the perfect storage option to keep your wines stocked in their optimum surroundings. They are specifically designed to not just preserve your wine at cool temperatures, but to also age your wine as well.

Whereas back bar bottle coolers are high performance perfect chilled display units for drinks, providing high stock visibility to customers and staff with interior display lights. These types of fridges are ideal for boosting impulse sales to the customer.
Anyone in the catering industry knows Commercial chest freezers are great storage fridge freezers; they are a practical and convenient food storage solution, as well as increasing workspace in the kitchen area

Refrigerated prep counters are highly flexible compact units that create additional refrigerated work surfaces where space is at premium and accessible refrigerated storage is a necessity in the commercial kitchen.

We also stock a wide range of commercial fridge’s that are much more powerful than residential models. Necessary for foodservice operations, they store perishable goods at the appropriate temperature for safe use. They can come in a variety of sizes with single or double door units available and in upright or under-counter models, furthermore we have specialty units available for fish and meat.

All our heavy duty commercial fridges come with large capacity storage and advanced features such as forced air cooling, auto defrost, constant digital display and adjustable shelves, which all make it ideal for any busy commercial kitchen.

Whether you own a small catering company or a large restaurant, having the right refrigeration equipment in the commercial kitchen to store large capacities and significant amounts of food and drink at the optimum temperatures is a vital and necessary ingredient to a successful and efficient business.

Commercial Meat Fridges

Commercial meat fridges are designed to preserve large quantities of meat at variable temperature needs. Having a meat fridge is an essential requirement for many restaurants, cafes and hotels as well as butchers and farm shops.

Meat Fridges

All caterers will know that meat has to be kept at a certain temperate as part of food safety and hygiene, one part of this is ensuring that meat is refrigerated and stored correctly. Uncooked meats need to be kept a safe distance away from cooked meats. As a rule all cooked meat should be stored at the top of the fridge and raw meat should be separated at the bottom of the fridge.

Commercial meat fridges come in a variety of sizes and are offer the best technology for keeping meat at an ideal storage temperature. We stock a wide variety of meat fridges manufactured by top brands.

The Foster FSL400M upright meat chiller is ideal for those smaller catering establishments whilst the Gram Plus M1400CHX Upright Fresh Meat Refrigerator is ideal for larger restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchen who have a large amount of meat to store. Both of these meat fridges are stainless steel, having a commercial meat fridge which is made of stainless steel is much more hygienic than that of other materials. Stainless steel is a hygienic material that is resistant to most germs and requires less disinfectant cleaner.

Catering Appliance Superstore provide a wide range of catering equipment and commercial registration equipment for butchers, restaurants, hotels, cafes, fast food outlets, bars, butchers, caterers, and all other types of retail establishments.

Commercial Fish Fridges

Commercial fish fridges also known as commercial fish keepers are regeneration units specially designed for commercial catering venues looking to store large quantities of fish. As with any type of refrigeration of meats it’s essential that you have the correct storage facilities in place for particular products.

Fish Fridges

A fish fridge is simply a commercial fridge that is specially designed for handling and storing fish into organised trays as well as keeping the fish at optimum temperature which in turn helps increase product shelf life. Fish fridges will be particularly useful for fish and chip shops, fish mongers, restaurants and hotels.

For the effective storage of fresh fish in volume the commercial fish refrigerator is a commercial kitchen essential, Catering Appliance Superstore supply commercial fish fridges from top brands. We stock the Gram MIDI M425CXH is an upright refrigerator with a right hand hinged reversible door with lock and automatic door closing, available with additional draws if necessary.

For those running any sort of a commercial venue where refrigeration is essential needed, Catering Appliance Superstore have a large variety of other commercial refrigeration options available to buy online today!

Hotel Room Fridges

A Hotel fridge is the perfect storage option to keep drinks and food stocked in their optimum surroundings in individual hotel rooms.

Hotel Fridges

We have a superb high performance hotel fridges available from leading brand Polar which prides itself on quality and service. It comes in a sleek and dynamic design and is the perfect chilled unit for hotel rooms, redefining the hotel in-room convenience refrigerator.

Hotel refrigeration systems can have powerful benefits for any business and every hotel should think about buying one for both practical and financial reasons. It offers benefits for both guests and hotels, hotels are now able to offer guests the amenity they ask for, offering the customer an option to purchase on tap in their own room, whilst also offering the caterer the potential to increase sales. They are ideal for hotels and other establishments that require a Mini bar or self-catering service.

This attractive silent 30 litre capacity hotel fridge by Polar is a non-distracting refrigerated storage appliance for any hotel room, and is available today at the unbeatable price of £139.99.

It is equipped with inbuilt thermostat, which means operating temperature can be pre-set or changed by hotel, and customer, dependent on requirements, with a temperature range of 0 – 8 degrees Celsius.

Extra features include an automatic defrost function to ensure precise monitoring and control of internal temperatures, preventing any ice build-up and creating the optimum serving temperature for drinks and food produce at all times. Replaceable seals and lockable doors ensure maintenance and enhanced security.

Further features include an easy-cleaning ABS interior. It has the ability to be freestanding or built-in and comes complete with two shelves and two door racks for a multitude of storage options.