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Commercial Rice Cookers

We all know how tricky and time consuming it can be to get perfectly cooked rice each and every time. Purchasing a rice cooker can eliminate this stress; it cooks different types of rice and each grain of rice to perfection in a fuss and worry-free way.

Rice Cookers

A useful appliance for both the commercial and domestic kitchens, a wide scope of rice based meals such as boiled rice, fried rice and pilau can be made very quickly and simply. Simply add water and ingredients to the cooker, turn it on, and electronically controlled heating and timing elements enable you to leave the cooker to its own devices. The cooker is automatically programmed to shut off once the rice is cooked or automatically switches from cooking to the ‘keep warm’ setting.

Preparation time is minimal which is key when time is precious in the commercial kitchen, cook’s involvement in cooking rice is significantly reduced to simply measuring the rice and using the correct amount of water. You don’t have to worry about the rice being too firm, soft or sticking and you don’t have to monitor the water or temperature throughout cooking as the rice cooker does this all for you, so you can use this time to busy yourself with other tasks.

Additional features include the ‘keep warm’ function, allowing you to keep the rice warm until it is ready to be served. Cleaning and care is low maintenance with easy clean nonstick inner pots and stainless steel lids and body ensure heavy duty constriction for use in commercial kitchens. The Buffalo CB944 Rice Cooker we stock can cater for a whopping 60 portion cooked rice capacity.

Rice is inexpensive and the base to lots of fast, healthy and nutritious meals, a rice cooker enables you to cook perfect rice in minimal time and with minimal effort. Cooking rice can now be easy.