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Safety Signs

Catering Safety Signs

Every catering facility knows how important it is to adhere to the safety regulations within the work place. That’s why at Catering Appliance we cover all necessary safety, warning and caution signs for restaurants, kitchens, hotels and pubs across the food industry.

Safety signs and symbols are important safety communicating tools; they help to indicate various hazards that are present in the workplace as well as warning workers to always keep watching on those hazards by giving required information and safety instructions at all times.

We have a wide variety of sizes and materials and cover a wide range of topics for all food services. We stock a wide range of self-adhesive vinyl signs which are easily applicable to work surfaces and walls making them the easiest way to make your food preparation and kitchen safety messages clear to everyone.

Fire alarm signs, fire action signs, assembly points and exit signs all prove valuable presence in the work place and are vital requirements in the catering environment. Our caution signs help warn of hot surfaces and how to prevent cross contamination, all designed to make staff more aware of potential hazards and to reduce the risk of food contamination, accidents and injury within your surroundings. The dangerous machinery and oven safety signs we stock offer guidelines to protect your work force and employees.

All of our safety signs will help notify not only your staff but also customers about any risks or hazards within your business. 

 Wherever there is food preparation – hygiene and safety is critical. Ensure hygiene standards are met at all times and give clear guidance for the use of kitchen machinery and safety equipment within your establishment with our extensive range of safety signs today.