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Commercial kitchen utensils

Commercial Kitchen Utensils

Every chef knows how much of a necessity it is to have the right tools for the right job. With all the things you do with food, having the right kitchen utensils can make life a lot easier in the catering world; it not only saves time and effort but is also essential to producing perfect results.

Get all your kitchen utensils at Catering Appliance with our extensive range of good quality kitchen tools. We have everything you need to keep your establishment running smoothly including chopping boards, jugs, peelers, scissors, serving utensils and any other general food preparation equipment you can think of. Ensure your culinary creations have the best finish with our selection today.

All our utensils are pleasant to work with, easy to use and fit beautifully into classic and contemporary kitchens. They are made from a range of materials including high quality stainless steel ensuring they are long lasting, scratch resistant, corrosive and easy to clean.
Our range of Hygiplas chopping boards are crafted from hardwearing and robust polyethylene plastic. These quality colour-coded chopping boards are colour coordinated to prevent cross contamination in the kitchen. They are non-absorbent, odorless, non-toxic and comply with all hygiene regulations. An innovative yet fun kitchen accessory they are bound to liven up your kitchen.

The compact and sleek Vogue Kitchen Scissors we stock are a perfect multipurpose utensil for your kitchen, this versatile instrument doubles up as a bottle opener, jar opener and screwdriver.

Great value for money our tools are not just for the commercial kitchen but domestic too. So why not equip your kitchen today and prepare and serve up your food with the right kitchen utensils available at Catering Appliance.