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Commercial Waffle Makers

Waffles makers are becoming a growing popular appliance within most catering outlets, from take-aways, restaurants and hotels to ice cream shops. Waffles are ideal for all types of menus including breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers and dessert.

Waffle Makers

The waffle maker is a versatile and space-saving countertop appliance that can bring perfectly browned waffles to your business. They can be used to make both fresh and frozen waffles, thick or thin, fluffy, crispy and with a light or dense texture, any style you prefer.

A highly remarkable feature of the commercial waffle maker is the immense production level they can achieve; they can make up to 80 waffles an hour and can bake one to four waffles per batch. They come in a variety of moulds to suit a range of waffles from Belgian to the traditional.

The highly conductive cast iron plates spread heat evenly giving golden, crispy waffles in minutes. Embedded heating elements offer precise temperature control, allowing operators to time the procedure perfectly. A removable drip-tray surrounding the bottom plate will collect any batter excess, thus making it easy to clean and maintain.

Extra features include in built thermostat to ensure safety of use, a variety of control options, variable levels of heat, and machines operate at the push of an on/off switch.

The stainless steel construction means durable and longevity of product life, whereas adjustable feet offer added stability on worktop use. Rotary features offer even baking and browning and nonstick plates allow for easy waffle removal and quick clean up.

We stock commercial waffle makers that can keep up with any establishment’s level of demand.