Combination Microwave Ovens

A combination microwave oven is more than a necessity in the busy catering kitchens. This innovative appliance combines two heat technologies to achieve outstanding cooking results. It combines the speed of microwave cooking with the heating element of a convection oven, the microwave cooks the food from the inside and the oven browns it, making it great for warming food, cooking, roasting and baking. With the amazing ability to combine both methods of cooking into one appliance makes this a great money saving machine.

combination microwave

You will save a considerable amount of energy and money using a combination microwave oven. These ovens use less power than a regular size oven and food cooks in a fraction of the time, freeing up time for other tasks in the kitchen. With cooking times much faster than the conventional oven but the same outstanding results it’s easy to see why these are a vastly popular piece of equipment in any kitchen.

They offer more cooking options over standard microwaving, providing maximum flexibility in food preparation. With fast turnover of food this appliance can cook through batches of food per the hour making it great for high demand of food.

These well-designed appliances are a stylish addition to any kitchen. They have smooth touch controls, a selection of program options for different settings and cooking times, and a simple dial for easy program selection and cleaning – ideal for establishments where fast turnaround and ease of operation is essential.

Heavy stainless steel cavity and casings ensure longevity of life making them great value for money.

Catering Appliance stock a range of the very best combination microwave ovens, from trusted brands Merry Chef and Panasonic.

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By Philip Wearmouth