Commercial Dishwashers

Where space is of a premium and high turnover of crockery and glassware is essential a commercial dishwasher is a big investment to any company. Commercial dishwashers are focused on high turnovers, when the need to clean up quickly and efficiently is a necessity in a fast paced environment. Serving kitchens across the country they are perfect for pubs, bars and restaurants.

Commercial Diswashers

Reliable, economic and simple to use they provide a high performance wash cycle at an affordable price.

Fast wash cycles and fitted drain pumps ensure maximum productivity whilst good quality stainless steel tubs ensure resistance to hard water and help dry dishes faster by holding heat.

Ranging from different sized wash tanks, basket sizes and plate capacities they can suit almost any establishment. They can wash a vast amount of dishes in minutes with some washing up to 40 racks per hour.

They also come in several styles to suit any pocket. Either in front loading styles so they can be easily stored under the counter, or in pass through styles, allowing racks to be passed through easily.

They are energy efficient which is always a plus in a busy catering establishment saving money in the long run. Built in sensors help save water and energy on half loads as they calculate how much water and energy are needed to wash the dishes.

A reliable commercial dishwasher can be one of many vital elements to the day to day efficiency of any catering or restaurant business. We carry a huge range of commercial dishwashers from well-known brands at affordable prices. For example the Hobart Ecomax F502 Commercial Dishwasher has a powerful wash with great results, a built in economical operation ensures low running costs and the electronic control with digital temperature display ensures it is simple and easy to use.

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By Philip Wearmouth