Commercial Fish Fridges

Commercial fish fridges also known as commercial fish keepers are regeneration units specially designed for commercial catering venues looking to store large quantities of fish. As with any type of refrigeration of meats it’s essential that you have the correct storage facilities in place for particular products.

Fish Fridges

A fish fridge is simply a commercial fridge that is specially designed for handling and storing fish into organised trays as well as keeping the fish at optimum temperature which in turn helps increase product shelf life. Fish fridges will be particularly useful for fish and chip shops, fish mongers, restaurants and hotels.

For the effective storage of fresh fish in volume the commercial fish refrigerator is a commercial kitchen essential, Catering Appliance Superstore supply commercial fish fridges from top brands. We stock the Gram MIDI M425CXH is an upright refrigerator with a right hand hinged reversible door with lock and automatic door closing, available with additional draws if necessary.

For those running any sort of a commercial venue where refrigeration is essential needed, Catering Appliance Superstore have a large variety of other commercial refrigeration options available to buy online today!

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By Philip Wearmouth