Commercial Food Mixers

These heavy-duty powerful food mixers are an absolute necessity for bakeries, restaurants, canteens and schools. They can perform tasks such as mixing dough and batter, slicing and shredding at high volumes and high speeds, offering a trouble free operation during busy work conditions. The combined functionality and efficiency makes them an essential piece of equipment within the catering industry.

Food Mixer

Machines of extreme compactness and solidity they are designed to give outstanding performance, no other kitchen utensil can do so many things when it comes to high volume preparation.

They are reliable, fast, and safe to use, and can prepare anything in a commercial kitchen from pastry dough to creams and mousses, in a simple and fuss-free way. These versatile machines can also grind meats, grate cheeses, cut vegetables and much more. With a durable all metal construction and powerful motor they ensure smooth mixing, becoming the answer for all your mixing needs.

The broad range of attachments they come with such as whisks, dough hook, beater bar attachments and large capacity stainless steel bowls, all make these machines such versatile pieces of equipment.

Our range of top quality food mixers cannot be beaten for value and make a cost effective solution to any kitchen, the efficiency to mix and beat most foods at a high speed is remarkable. We stock trusted brands such as buffalo, Diamond and Apollo.

The Apollo APM10 Planetary Mixer we have available is a heavy duty, reliable mixer with a 10ltr capacity. This model also features a built in micro-switch safety feature for added safety. Whereas the Dito Sama MIX5 – CF628 Planetary Mixer we offer features 10 speeds, making it an ideal powerful mixer for a variety of foods.

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By Philip Wearmouth