Commercial Food Processors

A food processor is the workhorse of the commercial kitchen; a multifunctional kitchen appliance that quickly and easily performs repetitive food preparation tasks such as chopping, slicing, shredding, grinding, and even pureeing. These compact and powerful machines can be used to prepare almost any type of food in the kitchen.

Food Processor

The ultimate appliance for the busy catering industry, they help eliminate stress, save time and energy, efficiently preparing food so you don’t have to. All these benefits and more prove it to be a valuable time saving resource for any kitchen.

We have a wide range of commercial food processors available from light to heavy duty, catering for even the largest of establishments. All are capable of processing food at a fast speed whether it is chopping, grinding, shredding or mixing. They are high powered machines capable of processing hundreds of servings per hour. Variable speed models, smooth blade rotors and the unique design of the mixing bowls ensures perfect results for both large and small quantities of food.

These versatile machines are able to process and slice food, some also feature pulse function to ensure precise cut of fragile vegetables and fruits.

These machines are simple to use with the push of a button, extra features include scratch and break-resistant bowls, dishwasher safe components and built in safety features such as a magnetic control system to automatically stop the machine if the cover is opened. Some come supplied with a variety of stainless steel bowls, funnels for adding ingredients, and different sized mm slicing discs to work with most food products.

The Diti Sama food processor we have available even features an efficient scraper that eliminates the need to manually remove food from the sides of the bowl, in addition to maintaining a clean lid for optimal visibility.

If you are sick of the mandatory, repetitive and time consuming tasks involved when it comes to preparing food, then purchase a food processor today to do the job for you.

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By Philip Wearmouth