Commercial Ice Crushers

In the commercial industry large pounds of ice to crush can become a tedious and time consuming task but with the use of a commercial ice crusher you can crush big ice blocks in minutes. A much valued appliance in the commercial kitchen they break large blocks of ice and crush them for the use in cocktails, soft drinks and juices in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafés and many other catering establishments.

Ice Crushers

There are numerous features and benefits to purchasing an ice crusher, these large capacity crushers are made up of high quality durable materials such as stainless steel, so they are guaranteed to last a lifetime in the commercial kitchen, delivering outstanding results every time. The most important part of the crusher is the steel blade; heavy duty steel blades and powerful motors are incorporated so as to facilitate the large ice crushing within minutes. Wide mouthed feed tubes make it easy to feed ice blocks into the machine and large containers store the crushed ice so it can be used as and when required. They help your business keep costs down as you can purchase ice in bulk instead of ready cut ice, whereas the stylish designs mean they are easy on the eye so can be used both front and back of house.

We stock both types of crushers, manual and electric to suit any requirements. Our manual ice crushers are easily portable making them good for outdoor events and domestic use. The electric ice crushers we stock are ideal for large commercial activities, they are fast and reliable, simply plug in feed the ice through and switch on the machine. Once all the ice in the feeder is crushed, the machine stops on its own so there is no need to monitor the Ice. The Santos ice crusher we stock has a capacity of up to 3kgs per minute and features both fine and coarse crush choice.

All the ice crushers we stock are safe to use and of outstanding performance. We also stock a wide range of ice crusher accessories, including ice buckets and tongs

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By Philip Wearmouth