Commercial Ice Makers

Having plenty of crushed ice on hand is important in the commercial catering industry; it’s used by the mass in drinks, cocktails, salad bars and many more things. That’s why having an ice maker can be a major asset to any catering kitchen; they can handle the highest volume of ice any day of the week.

Ice Makers

You can be sure speed is on your side with these useful machines, they can make many pounds of ice in a very short period of time making them perfect for high demand.
Having an ice maker also frees up space in your freezer when space is at a premium, most commercial kitchens don’t have enough provision to make decent quantities of ice cubes with their freezer alone, so purchasing an ice maker is a convenient all round space saving solution.

It produces uniform shaped ice cubes by the load with some models offering the choice of different sizes and shapes to suit your requirements. Advanced features include flushing of ice trays after every cycle to ensure hygienic, crystal clear ice that is free from impurities and lime scale.

Simple to use – you just plug the machine in, fill the water reservoir, select the size of ice nugget you require and away you go.

Our great value range is stylish and compact in design so doesn’t look out of place on the worktop or on display in any kitchen. The durable stainless steel construction is ideal for creating cubes at a high output, with some models able to produce 12 bullet shaped cubes every 10 minutes and other high end models can produce a whopping 64kg output per day.

Purchasing an ice maker means you will always have the option of freshly made ice within a matter of minutes.

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By Philip Wearmouth