Commercial microwaves

In the catering world nothing beats a commercial microwave. They are one of the best, safest and most cost effective solutions around for any kitchen.

commercial microwaves

There are many benefits of purchasing a commercial microwave, the high quality design and superior durability of a commercial microwave versus a domestic microwave is unbeatable.

The quality of construction is designed for frequent and heavy use and the high power output they can achieve is remarkable; ranging from the light duty 1000 watts to the heavy duty 3200 watts.

These reliable contraptions are designed for limited usage and will not let you down – the heavy duty components enable a far greater workload. Significantly large in size, they are able to hold and cook a large amount of food at one time.

Sleek and compact, they are built with a stainless steel exterior and interior which makes cleaning up easy. Turntables ensure that the food is heated evenly so you don’t end up with food that is frozen on one side and thawed on the other.

They feature fully programmable control panels, meaning that heating times and settings can be programmed into the oven control panel. Heating product is then as simple as pushing a single button, ensuring a fast reliable way to heat product especially in busy periods. Commercial microwaves cook faster, save on energy, and their efficiency will keep energy costs down as well.

These heavy-duty machines are robust and reliable and can prove to be a lasting contribution to any kitchen.

We offer a wide range manufactured by top brands such as Merrychef, Samsung and Panasonic. With the wide variety that is available you can easily choose one that is just the right size and power for your business, suiting even the busiest of commercial kitchens.

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By Philip Wearmouth