Commercial Potato Peelers

The potato peeler machine is a simple but perfect device, capable of producing clean white potatoes within a very short space of time, keeping preparation time to an absolute minimum – a necessity in the busy day-to-day catering industry.

Potato Peelers

Enjoy a swift peeling cycle with minimal product waste as potato flesh is peeled away perfectly, making them suitable for all types of potato chip making industries.

These machines are designed and built to withstand repeated long-term use, capable of providing years of reliable performance. Despite the compact size, they are robustly constructed made of rust free stainless steel for longevity of life, and the corrosion-proof cast aluminum peeling plate ensures more effective peeling.

Extra features include interchangeable peeling chambers for an easy change of capacity, and integral timers for simple operation. All electrical components are protected in a sealed box to ensure safe operation.

These time-saving devices are not only limited to peeling potatoes but can also peel a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The wonderful range of potato peelers we have available are all outstanding value for money, eliminating preparation time and producing on mass, saving time, energy, and bringing money to your business.

We offer a range that caters for both small and large establishments. The Lincat LPP35 description is ideal for smaller kitchens as it has small footprint and quiet operation, capable of a 35kg output per hour. If it’s heavy duty you are after then the Lincat LPP250H is for you – an upright model, which is ideal for medium and large scale operations, with an amazing output of 250kg per hour.

The automatic potato peeler is a great choice that combines economy and efficiency for all of your potato peeling needs.

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By Philip Wearmouth