Lincat Electric Combination Ovens

Lincats electric combination ovens set new standards in cooking performance and cost efficiency. This fully automatic cooking oven allows you to just simply select and define the cooking requirements for any food and ensures outstanding results, making it the perfect catering equipment for any kitchen.

lincat combination ovens

Providing real business benefits in terms of increased efficiency and increased versatility it guarantees top quality food every time.

They contain a wide range of advanced features, offering a huge range of cooking styles such as roasting, baking, grilling and boiling across a wide range of food groups including poultry, meat, fish, desserts and many more. You simply need to select the desired result and leave the oven to do the hard work of selecting accurate cooking mode, temperature and humidity levels to guarantee perfect results. Built in temperature controls monitor the temperature and humidity levels whilst fan speed and direction ensures thorough cooking, it even detects the size and load of food to ensure cooking is even across all grids so there is no need to check or turn foods.

With four cooking modes: hot air cooking, steam cooking, combination cooking and finishing results this machine delivers precise and even cooking results at incomparable quality. It can also reduce production times, saving time on money and energy a must for any busy caterer in the industry. Advanced display screens ensure to keep you informed at all stages of the cooking progress and time.

With a built in self -cleaning system, cleaning is made easy via an integral hand shower that ensures a perfect care and cleaning regime at a saved energy cost.

The range of Lincat’s combination ovens we stock have the latest advances in technology to offer you quick and easy cooking results making them the perfect solution for a stress free quality service. Invest in confidence in one today and see the host of powerful benefits a Lincat electric combination oven can bring to your business.

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By Philip Wearmouth