Pasta Makers

Pasta makers are the perfect way to prepare pasta; designed for quick, effective pasta production they automate the process of pasta preparation.

Pasta Makers

Particularly ideal for Italian takeaways, restaurants and cafes, pasta machines are able to prepare large volumes of pasta quickly and efficiently, offering a versatile and useful addition to any commercial kitchen. Not just for the commercial kitchen these machines can prove a real valuable investment to the domestic kitchen too, providing fresh pasta to your customers and the family has never been easier.

Benefits include fresh pasta on tap, as well as giving you the option to add any ingredients so you can adapt flavours or produce healthier alternatives as desired. Different settings enable you to make various sorts of pasta, and you can control the consistency and thickness of the pasta you make. It’s easy to make different styles such as lasagne and spaghetti by using pasta cutters that are available for the machines. For commercial use, the biggest advantage is that it really does save time, effort, and money.

Pasta makers are easy to maintain – components can be disassembled after use and the cleaning is simple too.

We offer both manually operated and electric models, that all operate at optimum performance.

The hand operated pasta makers we offer by Imperia provide a professional appearance within the catering establishment as well as an excellent level of service at an affordable price. The Imperia all-steel roller electric pasta machine rolls out pasta easily and quickly. Simple to operate all you need to do is make the pasta dough, adjust the settings to your machine and voila.

With these machines making pasta is now effortless and no longer time consuming.

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By Philip Wearmouth