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Counter top fridges

Counter top fridges are a sophisticated and functional appliance in the kitchen, with stylish exteriors and compact interior storage options and compartments; they offer a significant amount of benefits. These space-saving refrigeration units offer innovative refrigeration in the kitchen, extra work space and efficient, easily accessible storage, making serving and operation as easy as possible.

table top fridges

They offer a significant amount of benefits making them a convenient unit in any kitchen, unlike regular bulky refrigerators they have a compact shape and space saving design means they can fit into almost any pocket and makes them the perfect unit for when space is at a premium. The lightweight yet sturdy construction means they are easily portable which is an added bonus in the busy workplace.

They are energy efficient with energy-saving Features so you can preserve your foods without expending excessive energy; the small and compact design means overall lower running costs

They offer additional refrigeration storage space, ideal for when you need extra fridge space to store drinks, fresh meat and other frozen foods. They ensure everything is chilled to perfection.

The copious amount of benefits makes them extremely useful in your workplace making them particularly convenient for hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, bars and other catering establishments

The table top fridge we stock from top brand Lec is ideal for providing extra refrigerated storage in your home or kitchen with its 45 litres of cold storage space, 4 litre ice box and reversible door for flexibility as to not limit where you can put it. The A+ energy rating ensures optimal energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact, added features include adjustable thermostat, bottle shelf and non-slip feet. Manufactured in a crisp white finish which makes for easy maintenance and a clean and hygienic appearance which means it can be used both front and back of house.

Purchase one today for the affordable price of £126.00 and savour its excellent cooling and convenient benefits for years to come.