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Commercial Dryers

Dry large volumes easily, and let our commercial machines take the strain of laundry pile-ups. All our commercial dryers are designed to cope with the demands of commercial laundry at a high-turnover .With robust build quality, and easy-to-use features our range of dryers will keep your laundry going day after day.


Robust and reliable, these machines offer strong build quality and performance of the highest standard. The large drums, easy access large door opening and customisable programmes make this appliance an attractive proposition for busy businesses.
Advanced features benefit your laundry service including stainless steel drums for longevity, auto cool down functions and advanced airflow systems for quicker drying times.

All our dryers are energy efficient, reliable, durable and excellent quality. So purchase one from us today for a dryer you can rely on, and dry multiple heavy loads easily.
We have the whirlpool 3LCGD9100WQ dryer, available in both electric and a gas model, to suit any pocket. It has no limit on the number of cycles you can use, making it ideal for heavy use environments with a 9kg capacity and a super quick 45 minute cycle. Extra features include massive easy access doors and white powder coated drum.

The Huebsch LGZ37 drier we have available can deal with large quantities quickly and efficiently and is ideal for large households or smaller hospitality locations. Whereas the super stylish and streamlined Samsung DV431AEP Dryer is a professional 10kg dryer, with 13 cycles and five dryness settings, making it the perfect versatile appliance for any busy establishment.