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Commercial Potato Chippers

Potato Chipper

A must have food preparation machine for any busy kitchen. The Lincat Potato Chipper can cut potatoes into chips in seconds. These machines help keep the running of any professional kitchen efficient and fuss free, saving valuable time and energy.
Significantly faster and more convenient than the manual alternative, the potato chipper makes a valid and lasting contribution to any commercial kitchen that needs a high turnover of food prepared fast and efficiently.

Not only can this machine cut potatoes into chips in seconds, but it is also ideal for cutting vegetables into strips and crudités, in preparation for other dishes. Interchangeable knife and scallop blocks are available in different sizes offering a choice of different chip and scallop sizes, so whichever style you prefer this machine can cater for them all including french fries and chunky chips.

This machine is simple to use and easy to load, just choose the blade, peel the potato, place in the chipper and out comes the chips. It is an ultra-fast operation turning out 25kg of chips per minute with minimal waste. Its wipe clean stainless steel construction and removable parts ensure high standards of hygiene and aid easy maintenance.

The potato chipper is a compact reliable design making it perfect for drainer or worktop mounting, or stand alone, to suit any size establishment.

Home-made chips are hard to beat so why not make them a fuss free operation with the Lincat LCPH; making perfect chips in one quick efficient motion whilst keeping preparation time to an absolute minimum.