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Hot dog and Hamburger Catering Equipment

Purchasing hot dog and hamburger equipment is an effective and easy way to add sales to your business.

hotdog machine

Hamburgers and hot dogs are a popular snack that is continuously in demand. The equipment Catering Appliance sell is all you will need to make delicious hamburgers and hotdogs for your customers. The high quality equipment we sell is easy to use and requires little attention and operation, making cooking hamburgers and hot dogs as easy as abc.

Fun and profitable they are ideal for BBQs, restaurants, outdoor catering events, festivals, fairs or even as a stand-alone food stand they can easily hold their own and bring in the money.

A cost effective appliance to your business they require little running costs, buying and preparing your hot dogs and hamburgers is so low that you don’t have to charge a lot of money to make a lot of money. Affordable great tasting food for your customers is the key to success in the catering industry.

We offer competitive hot dog and hamburger equipment all of which are manufactured by top brand Buffalo for affordable prices.

The Buffalo Hot Dog Warmer we stock gently steams frankfurters inside a glass cylinder using the trusty bain marie method. Constructed of high quality stainless steel this equipment is built to last. Adjustable thermostat ensures variable heat control making this the perfect hot dog warmer for any business.

The Buffalo Hamburger Making Machine is an easy to clean and maintain anodized aluminium, hand operated burger machine. Simple to use the holders and cellophane discs work together to form minced meat into perfect uniform sized burgers time after time whilst levers aid easy removal of hamburgers once cooked.

For an easy and simple way to bring money to your business, purchase your hotdog and hamburger equipment from us today.