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Hotel Room Fridges

A Hotel fridge is the perfect storage option to keep drinks and food stocked in their optimum surroundings in individual hotel rooms.

Hotel Fridges

We have a superb high performance hotel fridges available from leading brand Polar which prides itself on quality and service. It comes in a sleek and dynamic design and is the perfect chilled unit for hotel rooms, redefining the hotel in-room convenience refrigerator.

Hotel refrigeration systems can have powerful benefits for any business and every hotel should think about buying one for both practical and financial reasons. It offers benefits for both guests and hotels, hotels are now able to offer guests the amenity they ask for, offering the customer an option to purchase on tap in their own room, whilst also offering the caterer the potential to increase sales. They are ideal for hotels and other establishments that require a Mini bar or self-catering service.

This attractive silent 30 litre capacity hotel fridge by Polar is a non-distracting refrigerated storage appliance for any hotel room, and is available today at the unbeatable price of £139.99.

It is equipped with inbuilt thermostat, which means operating temperature can be pre-set or changed by hotel, and customer, dependent on requirements, with a temperature range of 0 – 8 degrees Celsius.

Extra features include an automatic defrost function to ensure precise monitoring and control of internal temperatures, preventing any ice build-up and creating the optimum serving temperature for drinks and food produce at all times. Replaceable seals and lockable doors ensure maintenance and enhanced security.

Further features include an easy-cleaning ABS interior. It has the ability to be freestanding or built-in and comes complete with two shelves and two door racks for a multitude of storage options.